>101 in 1001 – Item 66….


Reconnect with/get back in touch with old friends

…has been completed!

This really is a bit of an ongoing goal that probably should never actually be ticked off as done because being a friend as such is a lifelong job.  And certainly there are a few friends I’m probably not being there for as much as they’d like me to (or I’d like to in some cases) at the moment.

But the big thing for me with this goal was that I’d lost touch with so many of my uni friends and I miss them a lot so it really wasn’t right.

Having visited with two of them earlier in the year and had long chats with another two this week I think this is done.  I have tentative plans (no dates but a rough idea of what we want to do when we meet up) to meet up with two or three of them as well so I think this is done for now.  Or at least done enough to mark it off.

And with all of my friends so far it’s been just like it was yesterday rather than years or months since we spoke.

I’m very lucky.

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