>Gentlemen prefer blondes

>But this cripple does not.

I don’t like the fact that my hair is gradually getting more and more blonde as the week goes on.  In fact the word “sandy” was used to describe the colour of my hair today.  And Sophie said earlier that my hair is a different colour every time she sees me.

This fading is a little bit ridiculous.  I’ll probably be bleach blonde in a few weeks if it keeps up.  I had blonde as anything hair when I was two or three but I’ve been mousy and brunette (and many many colours from a bottle) ever since.  I never missed being a blonde.  I never really wanted to be a blonde.  It always seemed like too much work although I did have a home highlighting kit done once.  It wasn’t anything special.

I really wanted something special in my hair this time… it certainly is special but not in a good way.  And it’s annoying because it cost a hell of a lot of money and was supposed to be a special treat.  They did redo it for me when it didn’t work the first time.  but it hasn’t worked a second either.  Everyone keeps saying I should go back but I kind of feel like it’s too much effort and obviously isn’t going to work.

I’m considering a trip to buy a bottle of dye and doing it myself soon… I like the colour it is now but I don’t like the way its changing and fading.

Or the fact that when my cleaner went “what colour do you call that?” I had to reply “it’s called “this should have come out wild orchid its a dark ish purple shade with red streaks and they tried twice but it didn’t work.”

But the best response to the many “I love the colour of your hair!” “it’s supposed to be PURPLE” conversations was the person who went “yeah, I can see that it’s a lovely new shade of purple… a kind of coppery one.”

Made me laugh.

I’m gonna shut up now.  And I promise not to post such a self obssessed girly way that I look rant again for a long while.  Or at least the rest of the week.

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