>Random Bullet Points of Life

>Item: On Monday it appeared that one of the things I’ve been wanting to do since I heard about it was in fact going to have to be off of the cards for me because of CP.

Item: Yesterday there were two things that were CP crap and using lots of my disability fighting ness and all a bit much.  Particularly because of the guilt trips involved.  And the sighing.

Item: people involved in assisting people with disabilities should not be allowed to sigh whilst doing so.  The “Okay I’ll do that” …. *Sigh* thing is discouraging.

Item: Yesterday and Monday’s Items added together make me fed up and down.

Item: Big decisions have been made which should enable me to be more independant and could possibly put Monday’s Item back on the cards if they work out.

Item: I didn’t freak out when asked a very important question earlier but advocated for myself and am supported in doing so.

Item: I bought yet more theatre tickets yesterday which makes me a bit happier.

Item: Anxiety sucks.

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