>We Will Rock You

>I went to Birmingham to see We Will Rock You for a second time yesterday.

This time I met up with two of my other uni friends – ones I hadn’t seen since June 2006! It really was much too long but thankfully it wasn’t arkward as it can be with old friends after a long break. I really am very lucky that I have several very good friends I can go months or years without seeing and then have it be as if no time at all has passed. We’ve agreed not to leave it so long this time and will probably meet up for a days shopping in a few months.
When I was at uni I never had a powerchair and still now I prefer my manual for a lot of things. But I still don’t have my new manual wheelchair so comfort would have been an issue and whilst the theatre is very close to the station it’s straight down a steep hill. So I went for the powerchair.
For both of my friends it was the first time I’d been with them in my powerchair and they both commented how it “didn’t seem right” that I was independant and they didn’t need to push me. I was very amused by that because my powerchair is so much of my normal now that I forget that I still have a few friends from uni who’ve never seen me use it or been out with me in it so their picture of me is of the manual wheelchairing girl wheeling around but needed help with some distances. It’s actually how I prefer to see myself too – love my manual loads (or at least one that fits and works right) and like my powerchair for the independance but hate how reliant I am on it now and how much my manual wheelchairing stamina has gone.
We Will Rock You was just as great a second time as the first. I think actually I enjoyed it more. But that might have just been because the day went more according to plan so it was a bit more leisurely and I wasn’t feeling frazzled when we arrived at the theatre! Not a nice feeling.
There was a different actress playing Killer Queen this time and a couple of the jokes/lines were done slightly differently. I was also surprised by how many of the little bits I had forgotten about – and it’d only been two months since I saw it the first time!
It was a really long day out but a very good one. Hopefully now I’m back in touch/contact with my friends we will see each other a bit more regularly from now on.

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