>Reminder Post – Ask me Anything and Save DLA

>Don’t forget that I’m having an “ask me anything post” later this week. Questions in comments or via e-mail to writerinawheelchair@googlemail.com So far I have a bunch of questions from my sister, two questions from Molly and two from Karen that I’m not sure how to answer! So more questions are needed for this to be a proper question and answer post. LOL.

Also: I know I’ve been going on and on about this but please if you haven’t already, sign the Save DLA petition and pass those details on to all your contacts. Rumour has it DLA may not be under threat any more just AA (DLA for over 65’s) but personally I don’t think we should trust that and give up because it’s now “just AA”.
My original entry on the threat to DLA is here and the petition itself is here.

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