>Strange Weekend

>The ads on googlemail are both interesting and a little unsettling at times.

A friend and I were discussing flowers in an e-mail. So my current top advert in google mail? (the one line text one) – for Interflora AUSTRALIA.
It’s been an interesting weekend.
My dad put my new desk together which looks great and half different half not. It’s basically the same one I had before but one that hasn’t had half the top scratched off and doesn’t have a broken leg. The difference comes from the fact it has no clutter on it at all or purple flower shaped fairy lights wrapped around the top. I miss my fairy lights (and for those who’ve been in my house who are going “for god’s sake how can you miss them when you’ve four other sets of fairy lights up in the flat?!” I just can, OK).
He came back today and put up a new unit to go by my bed but I still need to clear the old one off and move it into place, probably do that tomorrow afternoon when my mum comes round.
Unfortunately we’ve managed to get the two other new pieces of furniture (storage unit for the hall and a huge bookcase/storage unit for my bedroom which will fill most of the wall next to my corner desk in the wrong colour. So they’ll have to go back next weekend. But we have remeasured for a new bookcase (in addition to the one I got that has to go back) and it looks like the one I wanted will actually fit in (we thought it was too wide) so he can get me that too, or possibly two so I can have an extra in the lounge. Too many books in this flat!
I’ve been having a big sort out today – haven’t got huge amounts done but am pleased with what I achieved. Lots of writing too. Sort out is continuing all week as my mum is planning to come round tomorrow and Tuesday and help me as she did for a bit today. Hopefully I can find plenty of writing time too as I’m enjoying it but am back in the bureau tomorrow and Weds.
Had a chat with one of my journeycare guys at Reading yesterday and he was saying a journey we’d been debating doing via train is doable as we weren’t sure if it was accessible – and that if the station in question is unmanned (as it is at times) I’d be changing at Reading anyway and one of their guys would just come with me to use a ramp etc and help me out. So that was really promising. Until I told my dad and he went “Oh I was sure that station had stepped access” and I just looked online and the internet (last updated July 09) says it does. Might need a rethink.
There’s been a couple of other things go wrong this weekend which I can’t blog about but which have led to emotions and tempers running high. Not easy but thankfully I’ve not been to involved in a lot of it so overall it’s been a relatively chilled weekend.
And Doctor Who tonight was BRILLIANT. I saw on twitter that someone said it was a little bit too Torchwood in it’s ending for their liking. But for this girl who originally loved Torchwood and then came to Doctor Who it was great.

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