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>I saw the practice nurse today about my weight. It went well and she’s pleased (I think) and so am I.

Also managed to fit in my swine flu jab when I was there. She asked if I’d had to done or had an appt to have it done and I was all “I’m going to but I’ve not had a letter inviting me”. There were some doses going to waste (because they’re in batches of ten and they’d had a clinic and were left over and needing using soon I think) But she checked the list of conditions and as neurological conditions are in the risk groups and my being in a wheelchair isn’t great for that sort of virus either (lack of mobility makes it harder for me to clear my chest although I’m luckier than some PWD in that I can cough and can cough quite well). I was amused because the minute she got to neuro on the list she stopped and was getting the stuff ready pleased that a dose didn’t go to waste and I wouldn’t have to go back either. I just went “You’re going to stick a needle in me then.” I’m reliably informed that I will have a very sore arm but nothing yet.
Bonus of all this being it’s the vaccine that only requires the one jab for most people and I fall into that category.
The thing that interested me was that she told me that neurological conditions have been on and off the list of recommended for the flu jab conditions. Which explains why I never knew before I went to uni that I should have it. I find that interesting. But in my case I personally believe it’s the wheelchair more than anything that makes me need the flu jab (and is why I was also vaccinated against pneumonia in 2001 which I just found out today is a one time only thing having been originally told it might be every 10 years)
The wheelchair maintainence service are sending someone out to me tomorrow to bring me my new wheelchair cushion AT LAST. The way that’s been handled is ridiculous but I decided against complaining to PALS about that. There’s a couple of niggles about my backrest on my chair too so I’ve asked that they look at that when they’re here.
If I’m right about these niggles I may have to have a major rant at someone about it. There’s at least three different things this week I’ve been aggravated at people about and kept my mouth shut so it’s all building up a little.
My TV broke at the beginning of the month (well the high winds we had blew the ariel out of alignment. Finally someone came out today and fixed it. I totally do not understand what he did. The short version is it’s working but it looks dodgy as to me (left the ariel where it is and did something to my electric meter instead which now has leads hanging out of it) so my Dad is coming for a conflab tomorrow about it. I suspect however I’ll have to call my housing.

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