>Cinema Fail

>A friend and I attempted to go and see Disney’s A Christmas Carol this afternoon. I say attempted because it turned out to be the 3d version.

She has unnamed neurological issues and didn’t even make it through the titles before she had to leave because it was doing a number on her vision. I forced myself to try to watch it but gave up eventually and left because I felt incredibly sick. I still feel kind of rough now and I know that my friend had to go to bed because she felt bad.
I let the matter go when I left the cinema (although their customer service had already proven to be bad) and am debating if I’m going to let it go or write a letter. But my friend spoke to a staff member and asked for a refund (which was refused) – she had said in passing when we went in that she had a neuro issue and then when she complained was told that a lot of people with neuro issues have problems with the 3d films.
And googling provided me with a page that said people with a lazy eye (which I have as well as my CP) and other visual problems can have issues with them.
If a company knows that people with neuro issues may have an issue with their 3d films why haven’t they got signs up listing that?!?! My mum said that maybe they think you’ll know that already. But 1) We had wondered about my friend (but not for me although I’m thinking it’s probably not the CP/neuro side of things which made me nauseaous it just gave me nausea as my mum has a similar issue with 3d films she says and she’s Neurotypical) but didn’t know or have any indication of known links and 2) surely in a day and age where a packet of microwavable pasta sauce has to have a warning that it may be hot when microwaved, the cinema must be required to have a sign – a sort of “informed consent” thing?
Also why do they only have 3d showings and 1 or 2 2d ones?! The listings outside the cinema made no mention of it being a 3d one although I see on the website the 3d showings and 2d showings are listed separately.
Seriously not impressed.

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