>Six Things For A Sunday

>I’m currently involved in two different resident involvement projects for my housing.  They seem like they are going to be good fun but possibly bad for my diet. At the workshop yesterday they got us a chip shop lunch (sausage and chips, twas yummy) and I hear that we’re having pizza at the next one.  Plus I get supermarket vouchers for them so I have some mad money to spend. I bought a cheap DVD with some of it (and used the rest of the vouchers to do my food shopping, I’ll spend the worth on something else though) but I’m not sure what I’ll spend the rest on yet.  I call it mad money because it’s unexpected and so it’s to be used for fun things and only fun things I have decided.

Overwhelmed with books. Seriously overwhelmed.  Particularly library books.  They charge for reservations (which I don’t agree with so I was refusing to reserve stuff and not always finding stuff I wanted as a result) but I found out that they don’t charge disabled people for them. So I reserved a shedload and I’ve been going back and forward a lot collecting them.  Thankfully the library is opposite CAB so it’s relatively easy.  Currently I have 13 library books and 2 dvds out. and I’ve taken 4 books and 2 dvds back, I think.

Legs are very tight at the moment which I don’t really understand because I AM taking my baclofen. Possibly because I haven’t been moving around very much lately.

Sailing starts again soon which I’m looking forward to.  We had a pre season supper (more commonly referred to as the “coming out” supper which makes me giggle even though it probably shouldn’t) on Friday which was fun.  Bizarrely I saw one of my buddies (probably the one I’m closest too) for the first time in absolute months there then bumped into her and her son the next day outside the supermarket.

I have signed up to take part in Script Frenzy starting in April.  Partially because I suck at doing the whole “show don’t tell” thing that makes good writing and aren’t great with dialogue.  And writing a script would force me to do both of those things.  But also because I want to start working on the goal on my 101 in 1001 list that’s about writing 1000 words a day (non blog) for three months and figured a challenge like this would be good motivation to get started. Plus, that means the three months includes June so I should also do SoCNoC (NaNo in June thing) which is also on my 101 in 1001 list meaning two birds with one stone, so to speak.

Come Dine With Me tonight was a bit crap which is disappointing.  It does seem to be going down hill. But there was a woman with an artificial arm. I wasn’t a particular fan of any of them on there tonight. However I did like the way she said that she told the camera crew that she didn’t tell people that she’d been born without it but that “Daddy had cut it off.” yay crip humour. Bad crip humour in my opinion but crip humour is a definite yay. Plus she was filmed not wearing her artificial arm whilst cooking for her night and when talking to the others at dinner she alluded to how that had made her feel, having loads of people in and out whilst she didn’t have it on.  Possibly not the most disability positive person or show but she impressed me and the way it wasn’t made a big deal of or used to define her was good I thought.

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