>A Mostly Positive Update

>The battery on my netbook is LOW so this will be quick for now.

This week I’m up 1lb which is disappointing as I’ve done very well this last week. No pizza whatsoever for more than a week! Two trips to the pool, a lot less chocolate and two days with no coke.

My mum thinks this is still my body getting back on an even keel following the migraine related puke fest of a couple of weeks ago.  I’m not sure about that but I do know that this probably PCOS thing is likely playing a part here because if not for that I would have had my period about ten days ago.  And we are  now in the who the hell knows when it’ll come part of the month.  Fun times.

I do feel a lot better in myself lately though – and thought it interesting that one of my blog commenters mentioned that a few weeks ago.  So overall it’s mostly positive.

>Monday Music – Proud

>On my old blog I used to occasionally post songs and such like and those posts were categorised as “Songs of My Life”  I was thinking yesterday about starting something like that again.  And then I thought “Monday Music.”

This is Heather Small – Proud (I won’t post the lyrics as they basically are all of the video which I hope makes it accessible).  I really love this song.  And I especially love the idea of finding one thing each day to be proud of.  It’s something else that I’ve been thinking about bringing back to my blogging.  I used to find it hard at times to find something to be proud of each day but it also worked well for my depression and really helped keep things in perspective.

Today’s proud thing for me is doing gateway!  Gateway is a new thing we are doing at CAB with clients and I hadn’t done it before (we only started at the beginning of the month).  And talk about being thrown in the deep end, I did it with five different clients this afternoon.  I really enjoyed it which surprised me a bit.  But I was totally trashed afterwards!  Feeling a lot better now though, just overloaded my brain I think.

Something else proud that I must mention is how proud I am of my sister who ran a half marathon yesterday and despite crazy winds and having been ill for a lot of the last few months managed to better her time by about 4 minutes!  Proud of you honey!

>Just Keep Swimming

>This week I weigh exactly the same as last week.  Which considering how ill I’d been for a few days before I weighed last Monday is a Very Good Thing.  I had anticipated that no matter how good I’d been I’d gain a little so maintaining really feels like I’ve lost a bit actually.  Hopefully that makes some sort of sense.

Big news for this week is that I have been swimming again!  I absolutely love to swim but haven’t been since about last June for various reasons.  I’ve changed what hours I do at CAB though  and that means that me and one of my friends can fit in swimming.

So we went Monday and I swam 20 lengths.  There was also aqua aerobics in one side of the pool and I had a go at that for five minutes but it wasn’t very practical for me.  I was surprised I managed 20 because that was always my goal when I went swimming but as I hadn’t been for so long I’d decided to aim for 10 and hope for 12.  I was pretty sore afterwards!

Yesterday my friend took her little boy for a swim and she said she’d help me in the pool if I wanted to go with.  I managed 14 lengths – which was harder!  I aimed for 12, did 14 and did half of another thinking that 16 would be the stopping place but was so sore and was having clonus and literally couldn’t do more.  Besides which swimming with clonus probably isn’t overly safe.

We had toyed with the idea of going again today before I go to the bureau but I’m too tired for that and my friend is too busy so that’s off.  We do plan to go tomorrow though.

>101 in 1001 – Item 4…


Complete Thing A Day one year

…has been completed!

OK so thing a day is a February thing and I’m a week or so late posting this.  But I was debating taking some photos of the various things I’ve been knitting and sharing them here.  I’ve decided however that the only thing I’d like to share is the blanket squares I’ve been doing and that probably will be a thing that works better when the blanket is finished.  No idea when that will be because I’ve not even touched them this week.

I did do a tiny tiny bit of knitting with some of my mum’s needles and yarn whilst we were watching a DVD there yesterday (The Island which was a good sci-fi type film and reminded me of Brave New World in places) but I ripped that back.  Other than that and about 100 words of fiction I don’t  think I’ve done any really creative things this week.

I do enjoy Thing a Day a lot.  And as I think I said a few weeks ago I think it is the blanket project which made it doable this year as opposed to my two previous failed attempts.  But as with NaNoWriMo last year, I did find with this that by last weekend I was done with this and just kept going because I wanted to be able to say I’d done it.  Possibly having more than one on going Thing project might have worked better that way.  I reached the “done” stage a lot later with Thing a Day than with NaNo in 2009.  I think that’s probably for two reasons 1) I’d put a lot of planning into NaNo and it was an idea I was very invested in.  I like some of what I wrote but not all and I know loads of key moments are missing but I just couldn’t write them.  I found that a bit stressful (I intend to start looking again at it this week which will be the first time I’ve ever really gone back to a NaNo work) and 2) I ended up shelving a lot of my creative plans for the last three days of Thing a Day because I was ill and that meant that some of the things I’d really wanted to do in it didn’t get done.  A lesson in not leaving things to the last minute!

To sum things up.  I really enjoyed it and I’m glad I completed it but I did find the momentum a bit hard to maintain over the month.  This is somewhere where I think having it set as a 101 in 100 goal is a good thing.  I’m looking forward to another attempt in 2011 BUT I don’t think I’ll be one of those people do it for a whole year.

>Lucky Emma

>Last week I got an e-mail about a survey thing where if you went and gave an hour of your time looking at some proposed new internet thing you’d get £40.  And they specifically wanted disabled people.  A friend forwarded it to me.  So, obviously I went “pick me! pick me!” and unfortunately they had too many people.  A bit disappointing but such is life.

But then yesterday I got an e-mail from the company saying they had a survey I could do from home and they’d give me £15 for it.  So I did and I got the cheque this morning, thank you very much.  Gonna spend that on something fun but I don’t know what.

I’ve also got a free copy of the new Dorothy Koomson book on the way to me from Waterstones.  I follow them on twitter and they tweeted Tuesday saying “send us a DM if you like Dorothy Koomson books” so I did.  And they replied offering to let me review it for the site and after my address to send me a copy.  YAY!  I’m actually reading one of her older ones, The Chocolate Run at the moment.  It’s the only one other than this new one (which is called The Ice Cream Girls and looks GREAT) I’ve not read and it’s good.  They are hosting a webchat with her next Tuesday (9th March) between 1pm and 3pm and they asked me to tweet the details which I did but I will just post those here too.  The chat link is this one.

I have one other freebie to share and a low battery on my netbook so quickly-

last Friday I spent a couple of hours at my housing asssociation.  They wanted some residents opinions on which of two companies they should work with.  It was really really interesting and I enjoyed it.  I found it interesting how the companies were so different and also how most of us in the room (all I think actually) had the same opinion of the companies and which should be used.  That was the first of my freebies and I got a  £10 sainsburys voucher.  Which I immediately spent on a new wii game as freebies much go on fun things not planned things.

I don’t think I’ve ever had such a lucky week!

And to top it all off my mum bought my train ticket earlier AND I fitted into the next size down in trousers.

I’m a lucky girl it seems

>Progress Report

>I’m planning to get back into posting for the Healthy You Challenge every week.  I think accountability plays a big part in being successful so that’s a good idea.  My mum and I are also weighing ourselves every Monday and setting goals for the coming week.  This is the second week of that.

Last weeks goal was no pizza which I managed and this weeks goal is no pizza and less chocolate.  I’ve had pizza tonight but that’s it.  I think once a week is acceptable.  The trouble with pizza is that it’s such an easy yet yummy meal for me to make and my CP does mean I struggle a bit with lots of effort meals.  Cutting down on the chocolate isn’t something I’ve managed today but there’s time.  I’m also trying to drink more as I think I’ve not been drinking enough lately and that could well have played a big part in my being ill last week.

I lost five and a half lb last week!

I’m really pleased.  But I’m also a realist and accept that a big part of that is probably due to having a migraine and throwing up four times on Friday and then not eating much Saturday.  I would be happy with a maintain next week as I suspect that now I’ve been eating properly again a little of that weight is probably back on.  Actually, I’d accept 1lb on next week but that’s not the attitude to have.

I got my own scales back today! Yay!  So I can weigh with more confidence now and will do that tomorrow.  Although – and this is a major achievement – I was having a good balance day on Monday and did manage to stand completely unsupported on the scales for long enough to weigh (My mum hovered behind me and I had a wall and grab rails in front just in case).  That said I am glad, very glad, to be going back to weighing sitting down.

And finally, my mum helped me measure my waist and it was 2cm smaller than when the nurse did it a few weeks ago.  Progress!

>Opening Gambit

>I had the most bizarre experience earlier today.  I was walking up to the bureau about lunchtime and there with this guy on a push bike who was riding along but slowed down to talk to me.  Not someone I know.

The very first thing he said was “people laugh at you all the time because you’re disabled.”  Weird.

Then he started talking about how my chair means I can go down the town and run people over.  The main gist of what he was saying was things about how “isn’t it good what disabled people can do these days?” I responded to him a bit then said I needed to get on and couldn’t chat.  I sped up a bit in my chair but he kept pace on his bike and kept talking, asking me questions.  So I just stopped responding.  Eventually he said he had to go and cycled off.

I was telling some of the others about it in the bureau.  One of them said they thought he was lonely and said that people do that sometimes, pick up on differences when they need to talk.  Said they’ve had their own differences to the cookie cutter Brit stereotype picked up on at times too by strangers looking to chat.  Which is interesting because my differences and his couldn’t be more different.

Someone else said that there’s been something on TV lately (which I don’t know about) which had stuff about people laughing at disabled people.  She thought he could have said the thing about laughing to mean that I shouldn’t worry because he wasn’t doing it.

I don’t know and I probably never will but it certainly struck me as a bit of a bizarre opening gambit.

The things people say to me about being in a wheelchair and because of being in a chair is actually something I’ve been thinking about blogging about for a while, particularly about how I react to those things.  Because recent events make me think maybe I need to change it a bit.  So it’s apt that this happened today.  But for now, I think I will leave that here.

>101 in 1001 – Item 12…


Go to bed before midnight every night for a month

…has been completed!

It was actually a lot easier than I thought it would be.  Sure there were a few days when before midnight meant the light went out at ten to or five to but a lot of the time I managed it by twenty to midnight or even earlier.  And even one night where I went to bed at five.  But that was because I had a migraine so it doesn’t count!  By 11.30 is what I’ve been aiming for lately

It’s done me a lot of good.  I like being in a routine again and having a bed time.  I’m definitely getting a lot more sleep and feeling a lot better for it.  I’ve also been noticing that I’m not as tired in the day as often and that I seem to be waking before my alarm as a common occurrence lately.  The only down side is having to get up in the night and leave my nice warm bed to go to the loo on more nights than my usual once in a while.  It’s slightly bizarre to wake from a solid sleep, get up for the loo and glance at the clock when I go past to realise that previously I would have only just gone to bed.

I don’t think I would stick to this bed before midnight thing as a hard and fast rule from now on.  But it is definitely something I want to keep up as far as possible.  It started as my just wanting to be able to see if it made a difference and not thinking it would.  Mostly I just wanted to be able to tick something else off of my 101 in 1001 but it quickly became clear that I liked it.  And that it was good for me.