>101 in 1001 – Item 85…


Buy new cloth pads

…has been completed!

I don’t know why it’s taken me so long to complete this one, I really don’t.  Especially as I use pads everyday due to bladder weakness (CP related – or more like wheelchair related.)

I used to use cloth pads a lot of the time but I’ve really dropped the ball with that one over the last few years and now it’s really unusual for me to use a cloth pad.  Which really isn’t good enough because they are much more comfortable then disposables, I don’t need to worry about buying them all the time (which means over time they are cheaper) and they are really pretty too!

Plus, when I used to have carers they’d see them hanging to dry on my airer and generally the reaction would be something like “WHAT is THAT?!”  Which always really amused me.  Probably more than it should have.

I got them from Luna Wolf.  I’ll wait while you go and check out the pictures to see what I mean about them being really pretty.

Vicky who runs it and I have been friends through our blogs for several years so it was nice to be able to support her business as she’s always been really supportive of me.  Even if she doesn’t comment on my blog very often any more (hint, hint Vicky!).  Oh and another great thing was she got them to me really quickly too.

I’m quite looking forward to getting back into using cloth again.

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