>Slipping a bit.

>This week I am up two pounds.  Which is a little disappointing although I’m not really surprised either.  This past week probably hasn’t been the best it could have been in terms of healthier eating etc but it wasn’t horrific either and I’m still not drinking Coke or eating Chocolate so that’s definitely something.  To be honest I was probably due for a bit of a blip around this time because I’ve been doing what I’ve been doing for 11+ weeks now and I probably need to shake things up now.  In a way I’m surprised I haven’t plateaued a bit before now.

Plans for this week are to really push the water as I’ve been drinking a lot of squash, ribena and diet lemonade lately. Try to use Just Dance everyday (I love that game so much and am really pleased that Just Dance 2 is coming out this year!) as I didn’t really manage that this week.  And cut down on my snacking.  I don’t snack anywhere near as much or as often as I used to but it is creeping back up a bit if I’m honest.

And speaking of honesty I must admit that I am fed up and stressed out at the moment.  After tomorrow I have a pretty good break coming up for the next two and a half weeks (which I’ll blog more about tomorrow or Thursday) and I have to say it’s very welcome.  As I walked back from the bureau yesterday all I could think was how good it was going to be to chill for a while and take it easy.

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