>Well, that’s that ticked off the list for 2010!

>My brother and his girlfriend are now officially home owners and moved into their first “own” home today.  We went over to visit briefly earlier and it’s very nice.

The don’t have any chairs over there yet (or didn’t when I was there) and I took my walker not my chair so that was interesting!  But luckily my walker has a seat so I was mostly OK.  And whilst I would have got my chair round the downstairs, we wouldn’t have got it in without a struggle.  There’s a step to get in and it’s not a small one but it wasn’t as big as I expected.  My mum had been telling me that there was a “really big step” and the way she was talking I was expecting something absolutely massive, ridiculously so even and was a bit surprised by it.

I looked all over the house.  Including the upstairs.  My mum wasn’t sure I should but I did!!  I walked up the stairs basically without any help, just someone behind me and all around me just in case, one or twice someone helped me move my foot but mostly because my mum thought my shoe wasn’t on properly and wanted to adjust it (although I was sure it was, not sure who was actually right).  I had my hands on the stairs a few in front of me and then my brother and my dad held my hands for the last few.

And then I sat on my bum and came down that way.  I didn’t need any help coming down but my Dad kept trying to help and having to be told to let me be.  Which I do understand because he wants to make things easier and/or safer for me so I don’t hold it against him.  My sister actually told him to get out of my way on the grounds that I might have fallen on him and killed him!!  She said “They’ll ask how did he die and we’ll say his daughter fell on him.”  Nicely morbid but still kinda funny!

I don’t do stairs very often.  We have a bit of a love hate relationship which really should just be called a hate but if I must or really want to relationship  For clarity – in 2008 I climbed the stairs at the house B & G were renting previously to have a look round.  That was the first time I’d done so in years.  The next time was last year at my parents house as a test to see if an event where I’d have to do stairs would be possible (I managed it but put my back out so decided no)  And now this.

So I was joking that I won’t be doing stairs again until 2011 as they are something I do once a year only!  It was a joke but it did really take it out of me and it was hard work so there is definite truth to that.

I really enjoyed seeing the house and I’m especially proud of myself for getting upstairs!  I don’t usually let my disability stop me and I think it can safely be said that I didn’t today either!!!

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