>Update on my 101 in 1001 progress

>This has nothing to do with the fact my sister just wrote an update on her 101 in 1001 progress.  I’ve been planning to do an update this week for ages as my day 1001 is 12th Sept 2011 which means the one year to go mark is at the end of this week.  It seemed like a good time to do it!

I do 101 in 1001 in such a way that the goals I set are meant to be challenges and not general things I’m already planning to do etc.  If it’s something I’ve been wanting to do but haven’t sorted out it might go on there but if I’m definitely going to do something I don’t put it on the list.  I also don’t go into it hoping to complete every single go but with the aim to try my best and most importantly to enjoy the experience!  And whilst some people I know review their goals and alter them periodically during the 101 in 1001 I don’t do that.  That does mean that some goals may not longer be relevant by the end of the 1001 days.  Looking at the list today I think I have one goal that I’m no longer interested in attempting and possibly a second that I won’t get around to trying.

My 101 in 1001 list

So far I have:
  • failed 3 tasks
  • completed 32 tasks
  • 3 tasks are end of the 1001 days tasks
  • 9 are in progress
  • Arrangements have been made for 1 task
Of my original 101 in 1001 list I completed 51 tasks.  My current progress with a year to go suggests I am on target to equal or better that achievement with this list!
I have been writing a blog entry about each of the tasks as I complete them.  Those can be read here.

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