>For One Week Only

>With October having just ended I’ve now reached six months of no coke and no chocolate! (my first day “free” was 1st May).  And when I weighed in this morning I finally got some decent movement on the scales!

I’m down 4lb (and 1/8th) this week.  Which means I’m now at a new lowest weight of 16st 12lb (and 3/8th). And means that I have now lost 29lb or TWO STONE AND 1LB!  Yes, I have finally broken that pesky 2 stone barrier.  Wooo fucking Hoo.

It’s taken me almost two months to be able to switch out the 25lb lost badge in my sidebar to this 2 stone one.  Why have I called this entry For One Week Only?  Because I’m really hoping this 2 stone one will only be up for one week and then I can switch it for the 30lb one!

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