>Since November time last year I’ve been using Swagbucks.  It’s a great site where you can earn reward points for doing basic stuff like searching the web, playing games, taking surveys and watching videos.  You can also earn them using certain other websites if you go through Swagbucks first.  These reward points or swagbucks can be cashed in for free stuff including £5 Amazon vouchers.  Since I’ve been using Swagbucks I’ve had two £5 giftcards and almost have enough to order a third – hopefully by the end of the weekend.  It’s a great treat for those of us who are on benefits or who are trying to make the pennies stretch.  Or even if you just love free stuff – and who doesn’t

Monday is the 3rd Birthday of Swagbucks and I’m one of a group of bloggers who’ve been asked to promote the site on our blogs as a part of the very big birthday celebration they have planned!  When you sign up to Swagbucks, you get given 30 SB.  However I’ve been given a code to share with my readers which will earn them an additional 50 SB on top of that.  Simply sign up using this link (this is a referral link which shows you came from me and I get a bonus for people who sign up using it) and then use the code 3rdBirthday50 exactly as it’s written here to get that extra 50!  That code expires at the end of Monday 28th Feb (midnight US time)

Swagbucks is an American site but it’s great because it has prizes in all sorts of currencies and for different places so please don’t think it’s not for you without looking into it first.

My username is FunkyFairy22 on Swagbucks the same as it is on Twitter and a lot of other places.  Let me know if you sign up.

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