>Writing is my passion

>I’m writing again.  Regularly and in decent amounts when I do write.  It’s only been this week but I’ve written everyday so I’m sure that counts as regular.  And today I’ve done absolutely loads.

I’ve been wanting to write I really have.  But with the way my depression crashed in and hit me I was fine if I had to leave the house and go somewhere for a set time, that I could do.  If it was something I had to do in my house like stick some clothes in to wash and something I needed to do but not at a set time that was a huge struggle.  And sadly, my lack of motivation extended even as far as writing.
But, on Monday I put fingers to keyboard once again and started typing.  Slowly but within minutes I was wondering why I’d put it off for so long.  I enjoyed it.  And it was easy and flowing and rewarding just like it used to be.  My depression induced writers block melted away like an ice cube on a hot sunny day.
Writing really is one of my passions and I hate it when that’s taken away from me – for whatever reason.  I’m very happy that I’ve got my meds sorted out and four weeks later they are working well.  I’m finding myself again.  I’m rediscovering my passions.  And most of all I’m writing and working towards my dream of one day being good enough to have a book published.
It’s a very good feeling, especially after so many bleak and dark weeks.

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