>Diet Starts Tomorrow!

>Literally this time.  I’m getting serious about my weight loss again and it all starts tomorrow.  Having tried a few weeks ago, lost 6lb in the first two weeks then regained 4 of those in the third and then gone off track majorly I’m making some commitments to myself and I’m blogging them here:

Until 1st August at the earliest I will

do some form of exercise everyday
Drink a litre and a half of water a day
take my meds and supplements daily (Meds I’ve had down for well over a year, supplements not quite)

And I won’t have
pizza (with the planned exception of a trip out with friends which if it comes off will involve lunch at Pizza Hut)
anything from the chip shop
sausage and bacon baguettes from my grabbed from my favourite sandwich shop on my way home (or from anywhere else)

In order to help myself stay on track, I’m going to keep a journal of everything I eat and drink and what exercise I do.  And in order to stay extra accountable I’m going to blog it.  But so as not to annoy everyone who reads here I’ve set up a new blog:  Emma Eating

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