>In Which I Am Apprehensive About An Upcoming Appointment

>I’m back at the hospital tomorrow. Only I don’t really know what for.  I rang them on Monday about various things and the receptionist referred to my appt as being at X time with the physio.  But I was under the impression that my appt was 15 minutes later than that and in the clinic with a consultant (although I believe this clinic has physios and consultants working together, I was under the impression I was going as they need me to see the consultant).

At the end of the day none of it really matter but… I was already a bit apprehensive about the appointment due to some of the stuff that’s going to be discussed (which could mean big changes for me which are never easy) and now I have what ifs going round and round in my head.  I’m told by they physio the new meds they might want to give me are sedating. Reading on the Scope website suggests one of the possible treatments is painful to administer – and I don’t know for definite but based on stuff that was said I think they might want to do it then and there if they think I’m a candidate.  And something that was discussed when I saw the physio is a treatment I swore I’d never have but am now thinking I’ll try if they suggest it.

And then there’s the fact that the transport people despite having picked me up two weeks ago from here had a question about where I should be picked up from. Here.  Or my parents old house which I moved out of 10, nearly 11 years ago, they moved out of 7 or 8 years ago and at which I never had hospital transport.  And which isn’t my most recent previous address by a long shot.  And how did they get the answer to that question? By ringing my parents and speaking to my Dad.  So much for confidentiality.

So basically I’ve just turned into a big ball of stress and it’s not fun.  Nor is depression which makes these things so much worse.

I do know it’ll all turn out all right in the end but… I wish I could skip to the end like fast forwarding through a DVD!

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