>A complete list of the items I have completed on my 2nd 101 in 1001 list

>Today being day 1001 I’ve just sat down and worked out what’s completed.  I’ve completed 54 goals this time round which is slightly better than the first list which I completed 51 goals from.  Several I was very close to completing (more this time than last time I think) but didn’t get there.  Whilst I never aim to complete the entire list I do hope to better it with my third list (which I am very excited about).

Here are the goals I’ve completed

1. Read Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte
2 Read the first Swallows and Amazons book and the rest if they’re any good
3 Read War and Peace
4 Complete Thing a Day one year
6 Make a serious attempt at learning to Crochet
9 Complete NaBloPoMo
12 Go to bed before midnight every night for a month
13 Buy a new more appropriate life jacket
17 Take a crafty course at the arts centre
18 Enter some creative writing competitions
26 Read 250 new to me books during the 1001 days
28 Make a serious and continued effort to become A Writer
29 Go to see We Will Rock You
30 Join a Stitch n Bitch type group
31 Take meds everyday for six months
33 Read 100 books in a year
34 Spend at least one day a month away from the computer for a year
35 Spend at least one day a week away from the computer for a month
36 Try to have one day a week where I don’t eat in front of the computer for three months.
39 Go shopping at hobbycraft
40 Make more time for crafts
41 Drink more water
43 Sort the black hole known as “under the bed”
44 Reorganise all of the flat and possibly get some parts decorated.
45 Get blinds for my bedroom and possibly the lounge
46 Investigate getting a cleaner rather than carers
48 Get emotional/bored eating under better control
49 Find out from mum exactly how much stuff she has of mine from pre uni, get it back and sort it out
50 Have a go at mosaic making
51 Have a go at weaving
52 Read Catch 22
53 Stop stressing about finances so much.
55 at the end of the 1001 days donate £1 to charity for every goal not met
56 at the end of the 1001 days treat myself to something special. Budget – the number of goals met x £2 each
57 Start a memory/keepsake box
58 Go three weeks without eating chocolate or drinking coke
66 reconnect/get back in touch with old friends
72 create/buy notecards with some of my photos
75 go on a random day out
79 make more of an effort to recycle
80 Buy fewer new books (use the library, charity shops and borrow them from people instead)
81 come up with a funky and appropriate bag which can live on my powerchair safely and securely
82 make more of an effort to actually walk
83 sort my sofa out so I can use it more
84 Lose some weight
85 Buy new cloth pads
86 paint my nails more often
87 spend an entire day in my pyjamas
88 write about my school days
94 buy new bedding
96 visit the Ashmolean
98 remember and mark people’s birthdays
100 research family history/genalogy
101 on day 1001 publish a new 101 in 1001 list

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