>Somethings are more important

>I had hoped to update my blog this evening with the news that I had won NaNoWriMo for the third fourth (was sure it would be the third but then after I hit publish I looked on the NaNo site which says otherwise) time.  But that was not to be.

I am so close to winning that it’s pretty much a given that will happen.  Just not today.  I have about 4K left I think.  In all honest it’s a bit of a mess though as I’ve ended up writing bits of both the projects I considered dong for NaNo and a tiny bit of a short story that landed in my brain part way through the month.  Not great but I am very much enjoying the writing.  I hope to continue writing daily because regardless of the quality or whether I do anything with it, I think I’m getting a lot out of it.  Even if I did write so much yesterday that I had to force myself to stop as my fingers ached.

Instead I went to bed last night with the idea that I’d leave the alarm off and sleep until I woke naturally. End result being it was midday before I woke properly and got up.  I did feel a hell of a lot better for it!

Then I popped briefly to the supermarket and since then I’ve been mostly watching Downton Abbey on DVD and knitting.  My DVD player appears to have a problem though as they had a very green tinge to them!

Apart from that I went to my parents house for a lovely lovely roast Lamb dinner with the family.  We watched a film there too.  I forget what it’s called.

I just put the computer on to do more writing but when I logged into Y! Messenger (which I set back to auto log in, something I ought to do with MSN) and now I’m chatting with an old friend who I’ve not spoken to properly in months.  It’s very nice to catch up 🙂 and somethings are much more important then writing 😉

>Don’t Look Back In Anger

>I went for my wheelchair assessment on Wednesday.  And it went really well.  The details and all that are for another entry as I’d like for that to be a positive entry. For now lets just say that I’m trialling a new seating configuration and the question of whether I need a new chair as well is on the backburner at present.  So far I like my new seating but I think there maybe a few niggles which need ironing out in the long run.

The thing is though I can’t help feeling a little frustrated and even angry.  I was assessed there in 2009 and I told them certain problems I am having.  Problems which the new seating I’ve just received is hoped will help with.  In 2009 however I had to really fight and justify to get what I did.  And then on the day I went for it to be fitted the therapist commented that I was tipping to one side and not sat even (which was something I had told them about before that).  The response was to get me standing and rearranged and then sit me down again.  I was told I’d need to be care to make sure I did that when I got in the chair and sent on my merry way.

The thing is though I do so many transfers in a day (I tried to count one day but couldn’t keep track) that I can’t always remember to do that.  And if I’m tired or ill it goes out the window.  Plus even within my chair I can’t keep my body in that correct position.

When I went to see my physio for the first time in July she commented on my position within my chair and said it was the cause of a lot of my back pain.  Something she asked me was why I’d not gone back to wheelchair services to tell them and ask for help.  The consultant in spasticity clinic commented on the same thing.  I gave them both the same answer – I hadn’t seen any need or point in it as it had been like that from the day I’d got it.

I’m hopeful that the problems I’m having can be resolved for the most part and I’m very pleased with recent events.  But part of me is looking at how things have been handled now and comparing them with what happened before.  And feeling a little bit angry and frustrated about it and about two years of pain etc.

There is little point to it I know and I’m trying to keep the Oasis lyric in mind and let it go.  It’s just not as easy as I’d like.  I have a friend who tells me he doesn’t let things bother him and just gets on with them.  I wish I could do that or that I could learn too.  But he can’t explain how he does it, he just does.  And actually I think sometimes you’ve gotta take the bad with the good.

Don’t look back in anger,
I heard you say
At least not today

>Life is busy

>I just wanted to post a quick blog as it feels like absolute ages since I did so.

The most important news I have is that I’m still alive. I feel it important to share this because earlier in the year one of my friends got a text from a mutual friend of ours asking if I’d died as she hadn’t heard from me. This amused me greatly not least because why didn’t she just call if she was worried?! And then Thursday I got a text containing a rumour that another friend (who had been out of contact most of the year after being ill) had died. But having been back in contact for a few weeks and heard from him that day I could clear that up. So yes confirming my continued existence seemed important.

I’m just incredibly busy with writing and everything else. There is much more to being ML than I anticipated and I don’t know if I’ll do it again but the writing is good. The process I mean, definitely not the words, I seem to be writing loads of rubbish with the occasion gem of a scene. And those are the bits that make it all worthwhile. As does making new friends.

Two random instagrams from the Write in today:

A lit candle in an empty bottle with wax dripping down the neck on a table with a bookcase full of books and a chair in the background.

A Sprite hanging low from the ceiling on thread. I think its metal. It rotated slowly as people moving past it disturbed it and with that and the shape / style / feel of it looked very elegant and almost like it was dancing. A slight hint of it’s shadow is on the wall behind it.

>If I wasn’t giggling I’d be embarrassed to admit this…

>I’ve been thinking for a while that i need to have a sort out.  But I’ve just found absolute proof that I need to much more than that.

I need to post some stuff tomorrow so I was hunting for envelopes which weren’t where I expected. That’s kinda situation normal for me.  
But I did find some other envelopes. Which I’m pretty sure are the ones we used to send the invites to my 18th Birthday Party.
I turn 30 next month.

>Necklace of the Gods by Alison Goodman

>Transworld gave me a copy of Necklace of the Gods by Alison Goodman to review. Note: this book is also available as a YA edition with the title Eona: Return of the Dragoneye.

Here’s the synopsis:

Once she was Eon, a girl disguised as a boy, risking her life for the chance to become a Dragoneye apprentice. Now she is Eona, thrust into the role of her country’s saviour.

But Eona has an even more dangerous secret — she cannot control her power. When she tries to bond with her Mirror Dragon, the anguish of the ten spirit beasts whose Dragoneyes were murdered surges through her. The result: a killing force that destroys everything before it. On the run from High Lord Sethon’s army, Eona and her friends must help the Pearl Emperor, Kygo, wrest back his throne. Everyone is relying on Eona’s power. Can she face her own darkness within, and drive a dangerous bargain with an old enemy? A wrong move could obliterate them all.

Against a thrilling backdrop of explosive combat, ruthless power struggles and exotic lore, Eona is the gripping story of a remarkable warrior who must find the strength to walk a deadly line between truth and justice. Full of pulse-racing drama, heart-stirring romance, dazzling fight scenes, and myriad surprises, The Necklace of the Gods brings this extraordinarily imagined and exciting fantasy epic to a resounding climax.

I’ve not really read any fantasy novels before so I kept putting this off.  Once I got started though I found that I did like it more than I expected.  I’d thought that fantasy would be full of weird words and things that didn’t make sense and would just be really hard going.  It wasn’t anything like that at all.

This is the second book in a trilogy featuring Eona.  I don’t think it is necessary to read the first book before reading this but it might be better to do.  I certainly would like to because I think it might make certain parts of the story clearer. It wasn’t that I didn’t understand them just that I wanted to know more about the whys etc than was included in this book (rightly so because no one wants to retell the entire first book in the second, that would be pointless).

For various reasons I didn’t finish this book – I kept finding other things that I wanted to read more.  It was perfectly readable but just not my genre as such.  Plus I have a good friend who was very keen to read it so I passed it her way. When she finishes it I’ve asked her to review it ;-).  I will definitely give it another go when I get it back but I’ll probably read the first book in the series first.  There are definite parts of the plot that have got me wondering what comes next… always a sign of a good book.

>Interesting Times

>Lately I feel like I live in Interesting Times as in the Chinese saying.  It’s certainly been an interesting week.

Monday my powerchair broke down with no warning. In the middle of Sainsbury’s car park. In the drizzle. Although luckily it wasn’t raining as such at that point in time. I tried to talk a Sainsbury’s employee through putting my chair into freewheel but he couldn’t do it (whether my instructions weren’t right/clear enough or he didn’t force it hard enough I don’t know) so my plan of getting a taxi back here fell through.

I called my parents house on the off chance someone was there not expecting there to be. But my sister had had an accident and been in minor injuries with my mum for a few hours. They’d just got back. I also managed to get hold of a local wheelchair engineer and he came for my chair and mum came for me.  It did make me smile to see his van turn in one direction towards me and mum’s car turn in the opposite direction towards me at the same time.  Talk about the arrival of the cavalry!

My chair has since been fixed, costing much less than I expected and came home yesterday so that’s good. I don’t think there’s much left that could need replacing that hasn’t already been done at least once.  It reminds me of that episode of Only Fools and Horses where Trigger gets rewarded for having the same broom for some huge number of years but then adds “I’ve had 6 new heads and 7 new handles but still it’s not bad for the same broom” or some such. Only I don’t think my chair is quite that bad…

Thursday I felt lousy on and off all day. To such an extent that the ambulance crew who took me to my appt in spasticity clinic presented me with a just in case sick bowl (I had told them I didn’t feel properly sick but they insisted) and tissues. Late night, early morning and lots of stress me thinks. My alarm didn’t go off. On the plus side having said they were taking another patient to the JR first they then took me to OCE first instead. Win.

I was just about an hour early and wanted to go over to the main building in search of proper food.  The receptionist said “no please stay in the building he’s running to time and you might go in early”. And I then went in just over an hour LATE. (which he didn’t even realise. his nurse apologised to me and he went “oh are we very late?”) I chatted a bit to another lady in the waiting room and her carer (that started because I asked about the over the knee stripy socks she was wearing – v.cool) and did a load of writing on my iPad.

The consultant said that some patients only need one dose of botox and then casting. I’ve had a very good response and my ankles are improved. He went on to say with some patients he thinks definitely repeat the botox and others he thinks definitely not. And me being me I fall slap bang in the middle.  We had some discussion about that.

End result being that he wants me to go back “in a couple of weeks” to see him and my physio in a joint appt as she knows me better. If I feel I’m getting worse in the meantime I can ring his secretary and should be able to go back within a week or so for more jabs. I don’t have a date to go back but when I said “are we talking before or after Christmas?” he said almost definitely before.

Oh and one of his comments was about it being a bit of a schlep from where I live to his clinic every 3 – 4 months if they keep giving me the jabs. This amused me because it really isn’t but going back in two or so weeks really is. Not least because this clinic is meant to be a joint clinic with the physios – alternating between my physio and a specific colleague of hers.  I did see the colleague floating around but not to speak to and she wasn’t in the room during my appt.

I have however been using the term schlep ever since. I find I like it.

Good news to end on:

I have most of the paralympic tickets I applied for but not all. And (this is the best bit!) I have tickets to both the opening and closing ceremonies!!!

One of my besties who just lives about ten mins drive from me also has tickets to the closing ceremonies. Also a wheelchair space. And also in the same category as I have. Hows that for a coincidence?!

>Progress report


For the most part nano is going well. Up until yesterday I was 1000 ahead but then I had to spend a lot of time and energy dealing with an unrelated major problem in the afternoon and was out in the evening. So I only got 200 words written. I’ve gotten quite a lot done today thanks to the wonder that is write or die and I’m about 250 words away from the end of day five target.

Fireworks and family time in a few which I’m looking forward too then lots more writing and a catch up with a friend tomorrow.

So it’s all mostly good stuff. But let’s not discuss the state of my house.

>Stop! NaNo Time!

>Yes it is indeed that most wonderful time of the year – NaNoWriMo. And just because the madness that is writing 50 thousand words in 30 days wasn’t enough for me this year I’m also one of the Municipal Liaisons for Oxfordshire.

It’s going well so far although not as well or as fast as I’d hoped.  I’ve been very lacking in motivation for the past day or so which means I’ve not hit the goals I’d set for myself but I have hit and exceeded the standard day one and day two goals.  The goal is 1,667 words a day and I’m ending day two with 4,462 words meaning I’m over 1000 words ahead of where I needed to be. Good stuff.  I am trying to take care of myself and not beat myself about missed goals etc.

My motivation does seem to be coming back tonight and I’ll need to channel some of that into other things like doing some washing and cleaning out the fridge tomorrow.  But I’m at that week one of NaNo point where I’m remembering how much I enjoy it and it’s getting easier.

Being ML is very different to how I expected but I think I like it.  We gave everyone at the kick off party four index cards and had them write down a situation (or place), a person (either the name of a real person or a type of person), an object and an action.  I am loving the level of creativity in those and the amount of detail some people went into is astounding.  I’m posting one or two of those prompts to our regional forum each day and so far they seem to be triggering interesting discussion.  Today we had a radioactive tea bag and swimming as our two prompts.  Yesterday’s prompt was to add some monkeys.