>Christmas Wishes

>I’ve been pretty absent from this blog lately. I have big things planned for 2012. Partially it’s the old new year thing. But I do also think my impending 30th birthday has a part to play (26 hours left of being a 20 something!).

I’ve been through a lot this year and who I am has changed as a result. Part of my plans for the new year is some changes to this blog to better reflect that.

But for now I want to thank everyone for reading, sharing, subscribing and commenting. And for all the support, friendship and even love that has been sent my way. I’m not always good at acknowledging that but I do really appreciate it and I hope everyone knows that.

Im hoping that everyone reading this has a very Merry Christmas full of love, warmth, laughter, too much food, people that you care about, relaxation, the odd tipple or two and some truly rubbish TV. And without the traditional arguments, disasters and the things that seem a nightmare at the time and soon become “it could be worse” anecdotes you laugh over in the future.

Much love and best wishes to all, Emma Xxx

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