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>One of the things I’ve been hoping that will come out of this 100 days of writing project is that I’ll be stretched as a writer. And that’s definitely happening, the daily commitment is tough to maintain. But I’m enjoying it and I think the discipline of it is helping me a lot. I want to be stretched as a writer in other ways though.

One of the things I’ve always struggled with is set forms of poetry. And particularly haiku. I get confused by the syllables and knowing how many a word has. I really want to get the hang of it because I think it’s something that could help me with all my writing (in terms of pacing and rhythm) not just poetry.

So for day 12 of 100 I’ve attempted a few haiku.

Haiku rhythm confuses
And syllables elude me
Words meaning three lines

Sunlight on water
Birds flying in bluest sky
Perfect spring picnic

Cold crisp crack and crunch
Bleak midwinter has arrived
Sharp snow surrounds all

Red orange golden
Every leaf on the ground
Autumn’s presence descends

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