>The Barrel

>Day 16 of 100. Because I used the phrase “they’ve got me over a barrel” when gossiping with a friend this morning.

The Barrel

there’s a barrel in the corner of an otherwise nondescript room. At first glance it appears unimportant. But as anyone who knows about The Barrel could tell you – appearances can be deceiving. Very deceiving in this case.

This is where companies and organisations hold you. When they feel able to treat you like shit with no fear of the consequences. Because they know you won’t complain. They know you can’t complain. They provide a service you need. Maybe even one you literally can’t live without. And for whatever reason you can’t go to another provider. They are the only one (and sometimes the only one in the entire country) who can do what you need.

The small nondescript room? That’s where you live when your in a situation like that. Theres something in the room which means you have to keep moving constantly. You fight the movement the entire time. Trying to stop it. And when that fails you fight in a different way. Going with the current and moving. But just trying desperately to stay away from that corner. Away from The Barrel.

The thing is though try as you might you can never stay away from The Barrel forever. Eventually the power of those organisations will get a bit much for them. Or life will catch up with you. Whatever the reason you’ll find yourself getting closer and closer to The Barrel and the circling it. Catching glimpses all the while of the horrors that lie within it.

Crocodiles. Large empty spaces with no help to be found. The words “I told you so”. And worst of all, smug, know it all grins which mock you all the while.

If you’re lucky that’s as far a it goes. But if your not.


Suddenly and without warning you’ll find yourself dangling from a flimsy wire right over the opening of the barrel. Being lowered closer and closer to those smug grins and other horrors.

And you wonder.

Just how did being a customer who asked for what she needed and who only wanted good service end like this. With you being punished. Held by the almighty organisation over a barrel and praying they won’t drop you.

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