>The New Black

>Today I’m not at all sure this 100 days of writing thing was a good idea. I’m also really tired. Which probably accounts for part of it. The whole screwy hormones are screwy thing is probably the other half. Still, 18 days is a huge achievement for me.

The New Black

Motivation I lack
My mood is suddenly black
Or it might be better to say
It’s grey.
Because I am motivated
A little
And my mood is a
new kinda black
Not as bad
As my 2011
Great depression
But much worse
Than recently
Even earlier today
So I think I’ll say
That it’s grey
And that grey
Is the new black.

In some ways
I wish
I could give
The sack
But it’s taught me
(in fact
Too many
To mention)
And I think
Even though
It’s taken me to
The brink
I needed
To learn
I’m not sure
For A life without
It is what
I yearn

Stability is great
But not a
At least if your me
I’ll enjoy it while
It’s here
Be it a
Day month
Or year
I might seem
Like I have no
But for me
Stability scares
Because I can’t
What happens in
My brain
Which means
I cry lots
And others
I try lots
And succeed
Suddenly from
My brain
I’m freed

Today I’ll enjoy it
Remember some
Blips are normal
Moods are not ever
Going to be formal

I may say I’m happy
But act a bit flappy
Good days are here
But what if
They all disappear?
And days
Are all grey
Or even worse
(and this
would be a curse)
Came back

♥ Emma

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