>Own it. Love it.

>I’m sharing another poem tonight. This is day 20 of 100 days of writing and is a definite example of the words just flowing.

Partially inspired by the things to tell yourself at 14 hash tag on twitter. And mostly by the Katie: The Science of Seeing again show that was on tonight. She has an amazing attitude which reminded me of my own when the demon depression isn’t battering me. I was 17 before I started learning those lessons (having been disabled from birth) and it took me several more years to really get it down. Even now at 30 I’m still learning – to accept that I don’t have to be ok, to be strong all the time. Because life isn’t like that.

Own it. Love it
Own your scars
Your imperfections
Your flaws
Cherish your abilities
Stand up for who you are
Even if that standing is shaky
And frequently ends with you kissing the floor
Be proud of achievements
No matter how small
And don’t be afraid of saying
I can’t do it all
Know that down days will come
And things may be hard
Be proud to be different
You’re you
Totally unique
That doesn’t mean you’re weak
Society may hate you
At times
But don’t let break you
Everyone will eventually
Walk this line
Or wheel
Or crawl
Difficulties and difference
Will come to all
But for now be proud
Yes you stand out from the crowd
Own it
Love it
Shout it out loud
See my wheelchair
But notice my red hair
I have CP
But most importantly
I’m me!

♥ Emma

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