>This is the piece I wrote on Saturday for day 24 of 100. I couldn’t post it as my net connection kept cutting out. It’s a beginning…


Things were not shaping up quite how they’d been planned to. That’s not to say they’d gone wrong per se just that the outcome was… Unexpected. Unnecessary. And most definitely unwanted. No things would definitely be a lot better if things had gone differently. So the scientists decided to scrap the experiment and start again. They’d be careful this time and be sure they followed each step exactly. They had no idea why it had gone wrong and were convinced it couldn’t be their fault. They were scientists after all. They knew exactly what they were doing and they did it. Just as they were supposed to. No errors and definitely no confusion. But somehow… That was what they’d ended up with.

The idea was the mooted that the redoing on the experiment could become an experiment of its own. Two experiments for the price of one! The hypothesis and aim for the second experiment was something that none of them could agree on. What did they want to investigate? What did they hope to discover from it and how would it further scientific knowledge? Some of the best scientific minds of our age were in that room and yet they couldn’t agree on anything.

Apart from the fact that whatever experiment within an experiment they did had to be huge. Mind blowing even. Because they knew that they were not just some of the best scientific minds of this day and age, they were the best. The very best. In fact they were just the very best of this day and age. They were the very best ever. Better even than Einstein, Newton and Hawking. In fact better than all three of them put together.

♥ Emma

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