>Just Keep Swimming

>Day 42 of 100.

Just Keep Swimming

Straight into the water
It’s cool
Not cold but definitely noticeable
Soothing on too hot skin
Sinking down and down
Wet all your hair
And then keep your shoulders under
Smile at the kids on the other side
Say hi to a friend and chat for a few minutes.
Waves waves waves
Up and down
Up and down
Thrown around
Body surfing
The unexpected storm
Watch the aqua aerobics group
Try and fail to copy their movements
Surrounded by water
Stretch and savour
And only then
Do you swim
Front crawl
A lazy attempt at breast stroke
And a long float on my back
A few kicks don’t achieve much
But must be done
Right leg more than left
People think it’s just a swim
But it’s more than that
A rare taste of mobility
Without my wheelchair

♥ Emma

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