>Sulking #100daysofwriting

>45 days into the challenge. This is something of a pointless piece.


I don’t know what I’m doing” she sighed

“what do you mean?” he replied.

“I don’t know what I’m doing. What is it about that that wasn’t clear?” she said

“well there are many things out there. What exactly is it you’re talking about when you say that you don’t know what you’re doing? ” he said patiently doing a valiant effort to ignore the tone of annoyance in her voice. That was the best thing to do with her he found. He loved her to bits, she was really great. But she could also be a real prima donna and through a proper tantrum. Whining better than a two year old full in the throws of the terrible twos.

“well… You know.. This!!” she sniped, her tone becoming more petulant with ever word she spoke. She gestured angrily but vaguely around the room as she did so.

He still had no idea what she was talking about though and she knew it. He didn’t say anything and simply sat there looking at her with his arms crossed. Eventually she’d either calm down and let it go or she would go so annoyed with him that she’d snap and finally tell him what she was talking about. And if the past was anything to go by she wouldn’t just tell him shed go into such a level of detail that it would be excruciatingly painful.

He really hoped that this was one of those when she calmed down and let it go. He didn’t have the energy for anything else.

Luckily for him it was one of those times.

It took a very long and quite stressful hour but eventually her anger disappeared suddenly like a balloon deflating. She didn’t say a word or apologise (she never did in these situations) just gave him a long hug before slipping from the room to make his favourite dinner.

He never found out just what it was she had been complaining she didn’t know what to do about. He wondered about it for a day or two and then it slipped his mind replaced by more important things and the general hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Which was probably for the best all things considered.

♥ Emma

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