>Stitch and Bitch – a #poem about #knitting for #100daysofwriting

>I was at my Thursday night Stitch and Bitch group (which is actually called knitters and stitchers I think but I prefer stitch and bitch). I was doing some crochet, trying to see if I could remember it when I’ve not done it for months. When I got home I thought it would be an idea for a poem

Stitch and Bitch

Starting off she grabs some string
Then she hunts until she finds just the right two sticks
Inspiration has hit, insight is needed
This is something she used to know how to do
Can she remember?
Hoping she can she begins

Attitude is everything, she doesn’t attempt it, she does it
Needles flying through the air
Dreams no more

Bringing together sticks and string, needles and yarn
Ideas turned into reality
Taking her time
Carefully and quietly but oh so fun
Her needles fly and her knitting comes together

♥ Emma

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