>Bullet points of life

>I’ve not written a proper blog in forever it feels like! A few bullet points of what’s new in my life

~ I’ve started a new medication. That’s blindsided me a little. I expected to leave with a prescription for something short term. And when she was saying what she was gonna give me I thought she might stick it on a just in case repeat. I did not expect a new daily med.

~ I’m planning a late birthday party to celebrate my 30th. It’s shaping up to be loads of fun and very exciting. But at the same time it looks like none of my uni friends can come which is a little disappointing. I’ll have to pin them down for another meet up.

~ My weight finally seems to have stabilised and I seem to be losing between half and one pound most weeks. Which is huge. The fact my weight isn’t going up any more is even huger.

~ A new project is in the works which I’m taking a lead on. I think it’s gonna be intense but brilliant when it comes together. In the meantime it’s a lot of (interesting) work with people I’m getting to know better. All good stuff. And today it led to the comment “October isn’t that far away” being made by others. That’s totally mind boggling if you ask me!

~ My mood crashed yesterday evening for some reason unexpectedly. I’ve still not figured out exactly why. But generally I feel like I’m doing loads, managing everything and feeling good. Which did lead to my seriously crashing energy wise on both Thursday and Friday afternoons for a couple of hours. I need to even things out I think.

♥ Emma

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