>The National Day of Unplugging #unplug #100daysofwriting

I’ve just discovered that The National Day of Unplugging is from sundown tonight to sundown tomorrow.

I always used to take periodic time away from my computer and the net. a day or two. For a whole year I did it at least once a month. But I haven’t gone an entire day since I got my iPad in July last year. Maybe even longer. And by coincidence I’d been thinking that I really need a day off from it all. I’d thought that I’d take tomorrow, but I said the same thing about last Saturday and a day a few weeks ago and never managed it either day.

So I’m declaring here and now: It’s the National Day of Unplugging from sunset. And I’m in.


Day of being out there, real not virtual
Idyllic time to be away from the screen rest, inspire, create
Screens free me but also suffocate with pressure
Controlling access stops it controlling me
On everyday, on all the time, only not this day
Never gone for more than hours fearing missing out
Need to say not today, need to be without
Eager to disconnect, will I be as eager to reconnect?
Creative, content, cleansed, chilled are all things I hope it will be
Tonight, for twenty four hours my computer screens go black and blank

♥ Emma

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