>Snotty Letter #disability #100daysofwriting

>It’s time
For a
Snotty Letter

It’s time
To show
Why I’ve
Got my

People say
I’ve a

Or that
They never
Met a
More ungrateful
Little Madam

The fact
Is I’ve
Got rights

Unthinking changes
Allegedly to
Help staff
Ruined my
Day out

So it’s
Snotty Letter
Time again

The staff
Were great
They hate
The change
As well

I had
To laugh
At that

I said
This thing
Is shit
They said
We know!!!

Impossible problems
No solution
No excuses

I’ll be
Polite yet
Very firm
Insisted on
Advertised access

Bite my
Tongue and
Think first

It was
Very disappointing
Needed better
Planning and
User consultation

Snotty annoyed
And not
Snotty screaming

What the
Fuck were
You thinking?
Fucking ridiculous
And unnecessary

My friends
Helped rescue
My day
Park picnics
Cafe drinks

But that
Won’t make
Snotty Letter

If asking
For my
Rights means
People don’t
Like me

That’s fine
I’ve never
Been afraid

Secretly I
Hate it
If I
Weren’t disabled
They’d listen

Crips stereotypes
Cause offence
To all

I ask
To be
Treated the
Same as
Other people

I’m good
At advocacy
Being heard

But really
I just
Want to
Visit Swindon
Not Oxford

I hope
Someday disability
Won’t be
A reason
To think

It’s time
For a snotty

But sadly
And stressfully
That day
Is not

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