>This Character #100daysofwriting

>A character sketch. Shorter than I intended and missing a couple of bits I’d thought of writing. But as often happens my writing took on a life of its own and went where it wanted to. I consider this a very good thing!

This character is a strong one. They’ve got a lot to say and usually they aren’t afraid to say so. At the same time there’s a lot of things they’d like to say but keep quiet. Hiding those thoughts and feelings deep inside for fear of people not understanding what they mean, of potential ridicule and worst of all of pity.

Not many people know this character very well. In part that’s because life’s been tough on them and left them different. Differences that people can see and that mean assumptions are made about who the character is by people who then write them off without a first thought, let alone a second.

They’ve been left with more differences than the visible. Those hidden differences are the worst. They mean that this character doesn’t trust easily, never really believes people want to be their friend. That they get scared and push people away much too often. They know how their real friends are though. Real friends are the ones who push back. Who end up wrestling on the floor with the character in a long, sweaty match which ends with both exhausted but clear on who the winner is. Or rather what the winner is. Because in those wrestling matches? Friendship comes out the winner. Always. Exactly as it should

♥ Emma

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