>Rose – a character sketch and maybe a beginning #100daysofwriting

>This is something I may use in a longer piece. My intention had been to do a character sketch of sorts but actually having finished it I’m wondering if the situation I’ve placed Rose in doesn’t have more merit than Rose herself. It’s very much meant to be a straw that broke the camels back situation but I’m not sure how well that comes across.

Cold. It’s really cold. Dark too. Even though it’s been a good day Rose is in a bad mood now. She’s a tolerant person and it takes a lot to make her angry or even just wind her up a little. But this has. She’s tired and it’s been a long day. Plus, she’s struggling with that horrible letdown like feeling that comes after a day that was either much anticipated or great fun, and this day was both. Rose knows that the solution is to plan something else that she can look forward too. A little bit of hope on the horizon of the dreary grey landscape that is the daily grind of work, home, bed, repeat as necessary. A lighthouse guiding her through the storm to the next safe harbour. The trouble is she doesn’t want to be made to feel better. Even the most optimistic and positive person needs to wallow a bit now and then. And smashing the jar of peanut butter you’d been planning to put on your toast (it would have been just the thing to round off her perfect day) is a perfectly adequate reason to do so. Some would even say a great reason. And Rose was very much one of these people (Rose’s author however is not. In fact, The Author, is one of those allegedly rare people who can’t stand the stuff)

♥ Emma

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