Success and a mind boggling moment

I think the problem I’ve been struggling with is mostly resolved.  But strangely having been told that I’d made a difference for the disabled people who come after me it’s actually possible that this solution will just benefit me.

I know they plan to implement this with any other disabled people who can’t use the standard way of doing things. But the cost involved means they’ve had to come up with a solution other than the one they hoped to. Which due to the set up means it could be difficult to implement for others.

I’m waiting for one more answer and to see if things go as planned but I’m happy things have taken a giant leap forward and feeling much more positive.

Although slightly bemused by some of the conversations I’ve had about it. Including one where it was implied that it was a shame I’m not more disabled than I am because then this would have been so much easier for me. I’m convinced they didn’t actually mean or realise what they said but… It’s a definite first for me.

The mind, it boggles

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