State of The Emma

Title blatently stolen from one of my friends who frequently posts blogs titled “State of The [her username]” Couldn’t resist!

I’m doing better, I think.

I had a UTI or a virus or something the other week but that’s resolved.  Locum GP thought virus but was happy to treat as though it was a UTI based on my history and my symptoms.  I’m not sure what it was but I took a five hour nap one of the days when I was “off” so I definitely had something going on.

I’m mostly medicated. And I’m a lot more motivated.  I’ve still been thinking a lot that I don’t fancy doing this or I really can’t be bothered with X but I’ve been pushing past that and doing stuff.  Enjoying it too. Which means the “meh I can’t be arsed” feeling comes less.

Very very spastic at the moment. But less than a few days ago.  I think I’ve noticed a trigger for that which I hadn’t picked up on before.  Not one I can avoid but it’s definitely manageble. And I’ve put a spare pillow on my bed and started shoving it under my knees when I sleep if it’s really bad.

I bumped into a couple of acquaintances and had drinks with a good friend on Wednesday.  Possibly I might go for a drink with one of the acquaintances too, I must facebook him and sort something out.  I also went to an interesting CAB meeting and accidentally ended up in HobbyCraft.  That was a good day.

I was most amused by the fact that the meeting took place on Electric Avenue in Oxford.  Above the street name someone had spray painted “gonna rock down 2”

Gonna rock down 2 (graffiti) Electric Avenue (street sign)

Finally, I set a new record for the standing frame on Tuesday!  50 minutes! I made my Dad take a photo of  me in the standing frame holding up my iPad with the timer on it.  But that’s still on my camera so I’ll have to share it another day.

2 thoughts on “State of The Emma”

  1. Your mate stole it from the USA ‘State of the Union’ It is a brilliant way to start an update. What a see saw update too but at least you are not Trillions in debt like the US of A. You know you are a ‘sitting’ ‘standing’ miracle to me and I wanna see the photo…..Oh come on you can’t leave us in suspense can you?

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