Readathon October 2012

This is my third readathon.  After my first one I thought that whilst I enjoyed dedicating a lot of time on one day to reading I wasn’t sure I’d take part in an actual readathon again.  Clearly I was wrong.  I’ll come back to this post a few times throughout the day and edit in what I’m reading and updates and the like.

So far:

First I read Heather Leaves School by Elinor M Brent Dyer.  That’s one of the La Rochelle books and is new to me.  I grew up on her Chalet School ones and loved them (still do!) but these are much better in my opinion.  I only have two of them left to read – Seven Scamps and Janie of La Rochelle (yes I am reading them out of order as I can find them on ebay and the like). Brilliant books.  Really “nice” feeling without being over the top and still manage to be engaging and relevant today despite first being published/written in the 1920s.  I do love a nice bit of Girls Own reading every now and again.  That had 151 pages.

Then I reached for a Babysitter’s Club book – Mary Anne and The Memory Garden by some ghost writer pretending to be Ann M Martin.  Those are totally my guilty pleasure books that I started reading again last year (another occasional ebay buy).  I was really into them as a child but must admit when I went back last year I was horrified and was all “I would never let a child read this drivel.”  But it’s one of those so good its bad things and I enjoy them.  Plus this one is one I’d not read before and actually it handled a very sensitive subject (death) very well. 153 pages (big text!)

Update 19:26

I feel all discouraged and like I’ve made no more progress reading.  Which is completely ridiculous and I seem to remember happening back during the last readathon too (it also might have been a part of the reason I thought I wouldn’t do it again last October).

My goal for the readathon was to read Heather Leaves School (which I have) at least one Babysitters Club book (which I have) and one from the 1001 books to read before you die list.  Because I use that list for ideas and I feel like it’s forever since I last finished a book on there.  Although the truth is I haven’t been finishing books properly for ages until a few weeks ago when I seemed to get back into reading again.

So I picked up The Trial by Franz Kafka which I started reading ages ago and was getting into but then never touched for weeks.  Read that for five minutes and was debating going back to the beginning and restarting.  Got interrupted by the phone (after maybe 5 pages). Put that down.

Picked up The Scarlet Letter which is another one I’ve been trying to read (although that’s been a bit of a struggle it’s so short I don’t want to give up completely on it).  I read that for half an hour lying on my bed.  According to my Kindle I read 15 pages but I’m really not convinced by that as it seems to think several screens = one page. Anyway the urge to be properly snuggled under my duvet for warmth and a nap won out and I dozed on and off for an hour and a half.

Right now I’m having an internet break and then I’m gonna watch NCIS.  I’ll be back to reading later – and maybe back with my old friends the Babysitter’s Club once again.

I’m feeling more positive about the readathon after reading the comment left on here by Alita. It’s much appreciated.

Update 21:04

I’m reading again.  a BSC mystery now.  And I’m totally blown away by all the comments and tweets.  I’ll check out some of your blogs later.  Thanks guys xx

Update 23:58

I finished that BSC mystery the name of which escapes me at the moment… it’s in the other room and I really can’t be bothered to go and get it.  It was quite a fun read.  Not too much of it was in brackets considering it was ghost written by Ellen Miles. I was surprised by that. I do wonder who much experience Ann and the ghost writers had with actual 13 year olds though because seriously some of the stuff they do or try to do is completely ridiculous.  But perhaps I’m missing the point. 148 pages in that.

I think for the next readathon I should probably pick one long book to focus on.  It was something I considered for this one but decided against.

Total time spent reading: 3 hours 45 minutes

Total pages 472

14 thoughts on “Readathon October 2012”

  1. The Baby-Sitters Club series is what cemented my love of reading! I remember having the board game and sleeping bag. BSC Forever! 🙂 I’m glad you’re feeling a little bit encouraged now. Don’t worry. You’ll find the right book to read.

  2. I occasionally get really discouraged during readathon too. Especially when I’ve set out books that I feel that I *have* to read. The key is to forget what you should do, and just pick up whatever you want to read next. It’s readathon! It’s supposed to be fun! You can do it :).

  3. Awww, don’t worry! I’ve read about 32% of my book and I think it’s ok 😛 I’ve never read fast anyway 🙂 Don’t feel down about it 🙂 Have fun! 🙂 And if you don’t feel like reading go check some blogs or twitter 🙂 Or snacks 😛 😀


  4. Oh my gosh, The Baby Sitter’s Club! That brings me back a few years 🙂 Hang in there, and don’t be so hard on yourself. Just hang in there, check out the awesomeness on Twitter, and when you feel up to it pick up a book!

  5. Don’t feel bad–I’m off to a slow start myself after taking care of the kids all day. Not a lot of reading getting done so far! Hang in there and hopefully things will pick it. It’s all about finding the right book that satisfies.

  6. Can I just say that I LOVE you are reading the Babysitter’s Club! Did you know Ann M. Martin has a more recent children’s series for girls that is great as well. I was a children’s librarian before I had my son so I followed her new stuff closely. But I was a huge fan as a child.

    I also covered her book “The Summer Before” in 2010:

    Hang in there…I sometimes get discouraged too…this is my sixth Dewey’s Read-a-thon. Sometimes it just takes taking a break and finding the right book to get back in the groove. You have plenty of time! Good Luck and come visit at Stiletto Storytime if you’d like! Love to have you!


  7. Sounds like you’re doing just fine with the read-a-thon. Don’t get discouraged. I’ve also been reading from the 1001 books list over the past couple of years, but I think I’ll just stick to relatively short and light novels for today.

  8. This is my third readathon, too, and I’m now at the point I always reach – the “I can’t do this, I’ll just do another hour”. But we can do it!

    (Totally jealous of your Babysitters Club books – I bet I read a good 100 of them when I was growing up! I may have to revisit them some time soon!)

  9. Don’t be discouraged! I find that shorter reads helps me feel more accomplished throughout the day and I tend to read them faster. I struggle with anything long or that are more serious reads, light and fun are best for me!

    Good luck with the rest of the readathon!

  10. Looks like you’ve done a great job of picking books to read that you’ll enjoy and that allow you to feel like you’re getting somewhere with your reading. Keep up the great work!

  11. I just read all the brilliant comments I never knew there was Read-a-thon where have I been?… to Winchester Cathedral…you’re breaking my heart Oh no that’s a song not a book…a challenge is it possible ? A readathon in a standing frame?

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