You Know You’ve Got CP When…

…your wheelchair breaks and you don’t call the NHS out of hours repair service because its the weekend and it doesn’t seem bad enough to bother them. When the technician finally comes several days later he tells you to always call with that issue even out of hours because it needs sorting quick. In fact they consider the chair unusable with that problem.

Then a year later you have the exact same problem on a Friday afternoon and they tell you to wait until Monday. Even when you push them and they say they’ll double check and call back the answer still ends up being you need to wait until Monday.

Yes, guess who spasmed so hard on Friday afternoon (extension spasm) something, probably the bolt, snapped and the footplate came off her manual chair? Me, that’s who.

For the record, I’ve busted the footplate loads with spasms, usually just knocking it out of shape. Usually a family member would put it back then. When I snapped it all the way off last year it wasn’t a spasm that did it. I may or may not have driven my powerchair into it back then. But I’m admitting nothing 😉

I’m fine, it wasn’t that painful. I think that part of the chair is designed to break to prevent me damaging myself or doing more extensive damage to the chair. But it’s fucking annoying to put it lightly and not the most comfy thing. I’ve been spending a lot more time in my powerchair this weekend. I do a lot better in my manual in my flat however so I can’t leave it completely.

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  1. Hi Emma, I have read over your blog and found your views very interesting. I am currently a third year at Leeds University carrying out a disseration on mobility access around leeds. I would be very interested in your views on other areas of mobility in cities. I was wondering whether you would have time to partake in a interview ethier over message, skype or telephone (which ethier is more convenient for you).
    This would be a great help in my disseration, regards, Rose.

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