Nothing About Us Without Us

I’m trying to work my way through a series of disability specific terms and especially some disability specific concepts and define them for my blog. A sort of glossary of disability according to Emma if you will.

I’ve also been asked to contribute monthly to Bea Magazine. My first piece went up there today and happily the subject I wanted to write about for them is also something I would have written about in my disability glossary. (Although I hadn’t actually planned for it to me the next entry in my glossary). I’m sure all of my readers are now breathing a sigh of relief that they don’t have to read two lots of my drivel on the subject.

My article is Nothing About Me Without Me.

The article contains a much better explanation with detailed examples etc. And people seem to have liked it. Or at least a couple of people liked the Facebook post of the link, my Dad said it was interested and Mum said it was good (but they are obv biased).

But basically nothing about me without me (or nothing about us without us) is a very commonly used disability rights term to declare the fact that no decision should be made for or about a disabled person without their input. Obviously for different people and for different levels of disability the way decisions are made will vary. And some people will never be able to make a complex decision such as where they live. But they can still have a say. Even if its just whether they want their bedroom painted red or blue. And even if they can’t actually speak.

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  1. Thanks Emma as I spent years helping people whether they wanted my help or not this is another timely reminder…many professionals talk the talk but do not pause and take time to find a way of allowing the person, they are Paid to support, to express their desires….It takes a change of heart rather than a law.

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