I’m bored.
I’m bored of being seen only as the one in the wheelchair.
I’m bored of my disability being all people remember about me
I’m bored of being defined by my CP.
I’m bored of complete strangers demanding to know how long I’ve been in a wheelchair
Of them asking “what happened?” And then when that doesn’t get the answer they want demanding to know “what’s wrong with you?
I’m bored of fighting.
Of having my concerns ignored
Of asking for something and having it decided for me that something else will do.
I’m bored of saying that I need something and explaining why. Then having that explanation ignored because they know better and my anxiety diagnosis cited as the reason instead.
I’m bored of asking about access because I’m worried and being told I need to have more trust.
I’m bored of broken promises
People forgetting
Not thinking
I’m bored of going round the back
By the bins
Of waiting
Of sitting hoping while staff hunt for lost keys
I’m bored of being a scrounger
I’m bored of being seen as a deserving case
Whilst others fight.
I’m bored of being lesser.
But then
I wouldn’t want to be anything more
Than what
I am
Because I’m me
But most of all
I’m bored of that
not being
What people see.

this post is meant to highlight some of the difficulties I face as a disabled person, there relentlessness and how it can make me feel. It’s my submission for Blogging Against Disablism Day 2013

5 thoughts on “Bored”

  1. I’m bored too. Thank you for sharing this, enabling more to realize why many of PWDs are “angry” and “ungrateful”.

  2. I’m bored too the sun is shining and I know it is one million times harder for you to get out than any of us surefooted folks but I sure hope you made the effort despite the myriad of devices schemed against you and I sure hope you can go sailing you

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