You know you’re a book blogger when…

…you’re people watching outside a hospital whilst on patient transport and most of your thoughts revolve around the people you can see’s reading material.

Yup, I had a hospital appt yesterday.

and the patient transport took a guy from near where I live to one of the other hospitals in Oxford before taking me to the hospital ten minutes drive away and my appointment at wheelchair services (which, frankly, lets not talk about).

So I’m sat in the transport outside the hospital for I’d guess ten minutes. I sort of like to look around and see what’s what. Sometimes ideas come from that for writing.

I’m noticing they whoever designed this place obviously had a thing for bright colours. Not sure I like their choices.
The lady over is walking with the world’s largest quad stick
Oh this is where the new children’s hospital is.
Some unusual fashion choices
And such like

But most of all I’m looking at the guy slouched again a sign right across the road. He’s it an e-reader. I can’t quite figure out what sort it is though. I don’t think it’s a kindle. The thought I had was it was a kobo but then I looked again at the squared off shape and thought: old school Sony reader. You know, the ones that pre Kindle coming to the UK were all you could get.

Ok. Next most important people watching thought. He’s got his e-reader, I wonder what he’s reading. Does he look like a thriller type guy? Maybe. Not sure. He’s been there ages now, its obviously good, he hasn’t looked up.

Oh looking through the full length windows over there I can see an older woman with a book. Can’t see the title but I can see the colours of it and how thick it is. Maybe she’ll turn it…no, wrong way. Hmm those colours are a bit of an unusual combo. But, come to think of it I think the latest Sophie Kinsella paperback has that. Certainly I seem to remember the ARC I’ve got of the hardback is like that. Yeah, she’s got that reading while waiting for an appt look going on, keeps glancing up, but I could imagine her as a Sophie Kinsella fan.

Seriously no matter what else caught my eye I kept going back to those two people reading. T amused me when I realised that.

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