It’s Raining Men by Milly Johnson

I received a copy of It’s Raining Men by Milly Johnson in exchange for an honest review. I’m using this review as my first in a new format.

Here’s the synopsis:

A summer getaway to remember. But is a holiday romance on the cards…? Best friends from work May, Lara and Clare are desperate for some time away. They have each had a rough time of it lately and need some serious R & R. So they set off to a luxurious spa for ten glorious days, but when they arrive at their destination, it seems it is not the place they thought it was. In fact, they appear to have come to entirely the wrong village… Here in Ren Dullem nothing is quite what it seems; the lovely cobbled streets and picturesque cottages hide a secret that the villagers have been keeping hidden for years. Why is everyone so unfriendly and suspicious? Why does the landlord of their holiday rental seem so rude? And why are there so few women in the village? Despite the strange atmosphere, the three friends are determined to make the best of it and have a holiday to remember. But will this be the break they all need? Or will the odd little village with all its secrets bring them all to breaking point…?

The details:

How many pages? 480
Release date? it’s already out!
How long did it take me to read this? 3 days
Would I recommend this book? yes to chick lit fans and anyone looking for a fun read.
Would I lend this to someone? Definitely. I can already think of one or two people who might borrow it
Do I want to read more by this author? I’d already read at least three other books by Milly Johnson and enjoyed them all so I’d definitely read more.
Will I read it again? I might but I think I’d reread some of Milly Johnson’s other books first because I liked this but I liked some of those more.

The review

This was quite a fun read, I liked it a lot. I liked the mystery element trying to figure out what was going on. Towards the end I had an inkling what was happening but I didn’t have it 100% right and another element took me totally by surprise. This was a book about friendship more than anything. I liked that the relationship between the three girls was one of support and fun but that they were also able to do there own thing both together and separately. I don’t like books about people who are joined at the hip at all times, I don’t think it’s realistic. So that pleased me.

I was pleasantly surprised to get part way through the book and see a new character introduced who was a wheelchair user (and in fact a second wheelie was introduced later). I was concerned this would be a token crip and tweeted that. Less than a minute later I had a tweet back from Milly telling me to keep reading because she doesn’t do token crips. And neither of them were token crips. One of then looked for a while like it was going down the inspiration porn route but it pulled out of it at the last minute. I do have to note however that I was a bit disappointed with the resolution one of them had as I didn’t think it was appropriate.

I’ve liked all of the books I’ve read by Milly Johnson and I’m planning to read more soon.

Making a Difference

I was rereading some old blog entries earlier. I was planning to write something (not this post) and I thought maybe I’d written about it last year. I didn’t find anything but what I did come across was this post. I thought it was kind of apt given a piece of news I received today.

After three and a half months I finally received my new wheelchair cushion. It’s strange. It’s good and it’s comfy. But it almost feels off. This is set up differently to my old one and I’m not sure if that’s why (I have the stuff to change the set up to my old one if necessary), if its because it needs to learn how I sit or if it’s just because I spent the last two months with makeshift temporary cushions.

In the box with the cushion was a 20 page instruction booklet in 8 different languages. And an envelope with my name on it marked “private and confidential”

It was a letter. One with information about my cushion.

And then acknowledging the complaint I made to PALS about my five hour round trip to wheelchair services when they didn’t have my cushion in yet. They’re sorry but hope I did find some use in the appt (uh… Not so much).

Finally it said they’ve had a meeting with their administration team and put a system in place. One that will make sure what happened to me won’t happen again. I’m pleased. In fact I’m really pleased. If the system works and I truly have made a difference for other patients that’s huge.

But as I wrote in the entry I linked above for once I’d like not to be the one who is first and discovers a problem or the one who has it last and finds the solution. I’d like to be the one who came next.

Still, there’s always next time. Or the time after that. Failing that there’s also the time after that. Because god only knows the disability related fuck ups aren’t going to stop happening.

Maybe just once I’ll be the lucky one.


Random Bullet Points of Health Related Life

♥ I still don’t have my new wheelchair cushion. I had my fitting appt at wheelchair services but that was the worlds biggest waste of time because they didn’t have it. The story is a bit more complicated then that and totally ridiculous as well as very badly handled. I made a complaint to PALS about that. It made me feel better if nothing else.

♥ I was diagnosed with anaemia about ten days ago. It was borderline but based on symptoms I’m being treated with ferrous fumarate (prescription strength iron supplements) three times a day for 8 weeks. I keep wanting to call it ferocious fumarate. Sophie said when she was anaemic and had iron pills she felt great. I’ve been feeling crap – nauseous to the extent that on Wednesday I was on my way home and I was convinced I was going to projectile vomit on the street (I’ve not been sick at all). I decided to persevere over the weekend and I’ve felt ok yesterday and today.

♥ I had my 6th UTI of this year. GP I saw this time thinks I’m getting cystitis and not full blown infections and prescribed me nitrofurantoin to keep in the house. 1 on symptoms and a litre of extra water then give it 24 hours. She also said she thought if I took 1000mg vitamin c a day I’d stop getting infections. We shall see.

♥ I’ve started trying to take better care of myself. Baby steps is the plan. At the moment that’s taking most of my meds (well, it was meant to be all but I appear to have run out of sertraline). It was also improving my sleep pattern but that’s slipped big style this weekend.

Writing Poetry

Words flow from my fingers
Rhythm and rhyme are acknowledged as important yet ignored
Imagination and inspiration are the key
Thinking too much will throw it off
Inside I wonder if this will be any good
Never quite convinced that
Good will come from my words

Poetry plagues me
Overwhelmed with the need to write
Extremely difficult to find the motivation
Trying to do so more often
Really trying
Yet never quite doing

Five minutes of writing thoughts

So I decided to try a new thing. A five minute blog. I often don’t blog because I don’t think I have enough to say or enough time to write properly. So I figured I should stop using that as an excuse and write for just five minutes. What gets written gets written, and what doesn’t doesn’t. And it’s not abig deal. Allegedly. How it turns out in reality I couldn’t tell you. But hopefully it will mean I blog more often and that’s one of the goals I wanted to work on this month.

I’m using write or die for ipad to write this, it’s ages since I’ve used it – very possibly a year. Certainly despite the fact I’ve I’ve been writing a lot lately this is the first time I’ve used it this year. Not good, I’d forgotten how useful it could be with the writing prompts and the writing related quotes it has. Equally as much as it makes me write and keep writing my accuracy goes way down and I’m going to need to give this a good edit for typos if nothing else. But then my accuracy in my ipad is generally less when I’m typing than it is on a traditional keyboard and computer set up. And my speed is down too.

I’ve been writing a lot of articles. I’ll have to do another post soon with the various links once they’re all up. I’ve not been wanting to write too much here however because of those other outlets but also because I’ve not really been well and I’ve not really even been reading (due to motivation more than anything) so I’ve no finished books to review just yet. Probably tomorrow. I hope so at least.

So there we have it. Five minutes of writing and another couple to finish the thought I was in the middle of when the timer went and fix all my typos. Not sure there’s much point to this but its an interesting writing exercise. Almost like free writing. And that’s definitely something I should do more of.