Five minutes of writing thoughts

So I decided to try a new thing. A five minute blog. I often don’t blog because I don’t think I have enough to say or enough time to write properly. So I figured I should stop using that as an excuse and write for just five minutes. What gets written gets written, and what doesn’t doesn’t. And it’s not abig deal. Allegedly. How it turns out in reality I couldn’t tell you. But hopefully it will mean I blog more often and that’s one of the goals I wanted to work on this month.

I’m using write or die for ipad to write this, it’s ages since I’ve used it – very possibly a year. Certainly despite the fact I’ve I’ve been writing a lot lately this is the first time I’ve used it this year. Not good, I’d forgotten how useful it could be with the writing prompts and the writing related quotes it has. Equally as much as it makes me write and keep writing my accuracy goes way down and I’m going to need to give this a good edit for typos if nothing else. But then my accuracy in my ipad is generally less when I’m typing than it is on a traditional keyboard and computer set up. And my speed is down too.

I’ve been writing a lot of articles. I’ll have to do another post soon with the various links once they’re all up. I’ve not been wanting to write too much here however because of those other outlets but also because I’ve not really been well and I’ve not really even been reading (due to motivation more than anything) so I’ve no finished books to review just yet. Probably tomorrow. I hope so at least.

So there we have it. Five minutes of writing and another couple to finish the thought I was in the middle of when the timer went and fix all my typos. Not sure there’s much point to this but its an interesting writing exercise. Almost like free writing. And that’s definitely something I should do more of.

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