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Dearest blog readers I need to tell you something very important.

You see, there’s this thing called Cerebral Palsy (some people call it CP for short). It’s a disability. I have it. So do thousands of other people all over the world, probably even millions. I don’t suffer from it. I have it. That’s important. It’s not a terrible thing. There isn’t a cure and it’s life long but it is what it is. And what it is is difficult at times but generally ok.

And what I need to tell you, my dear blog readers, is that I need you to be aware of the fact that CP exists and I have it. But just for today. You by some bizarre reason didn’t know that I’ve got CP and what that is yesterday, I’m confused but that’s ok. You wake u tomorrow and you’re like “Emma told me something important yesterday but I just can’t remember what that is…” Ok. Just so long as you’re aware of CP today. This is, apparently, very important.

Because today is World CP Awareness Day. So if you could change your Facebook profile picture, or wear green* or even stop and think about CP every few minutes this will apparently make a huge difference to the millions of people like me.

Or you know just ignore the hype and get on with living life.

Because CP isn’t just one day, it’s everyday and I’m not sure there’s any point to days like this. I don’t really know what they achieve (apart from giving me a chance to write sarcastic blog entries like this) nor am I sure there’s anything I want them to achieve with it. I wrote more about this in March this year.

Work for disability awareness (which as I’ve said before I tend to think is more relevant that awareness for individual disabilities) because you want to. Not because a bunch of disability organisations got together to declare that today is the day.

Or you know just ignore the hype and get on with living life.

Yes, I know I said that already but it’s true. I think we make more of a lasting impact by being out there and living our lives than we do by big stunts. My friend Angela often tells me that I educate without meaning to every time I write. Plus, I’d be doing that anyway so it’s low effort awareness. My sort of activism 🙂

I’m really glad we had this conversation you read my rant dearest blog readers.

Lots of love,
Emma xxxxxx

One thought on “Just for Today”

  1. Yeah I get it i really get it. What is worse is that SCOPE never told me it is an awareness day….so even as an awareness day and even if they are useless any way until my friend Emma told me I did not know. Does that make them doubly useless?
    Keep on keeping on Emma one person at a time you will change the world. Oh by the way I contacted SOHA as they were doing an Inspection on your estate and asked them to check the brambles at front of your house…ha ha got a reply …the lady is on holiday… you know the one who is supposed to be checking your estate. So I came round with my loppers and guerilla gardened some of them off. I will contact Town Council tomorrow. PS can I have a guerilla gardening awareness day? KO KO Emma knock em dead

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