Once Upon A Time…

Once upon a time there was a girl called Emma.

She was the really impatient sort and really liked the sound of Christmas. So she decided she wanted to be born early and have herself an extra one. Instead of being born in early February 1982 she was born six weeks early on Christmas Day 1981. As a result she was what was called a preemie and developed a little something called CP. That meant she had to use a wheelchair but thankfully she happened to think wheelchairs were all sorts of cool.

Now Emma was the second baby born in that Oxford hospital that Christmas (although for years and years she’d thought she was the first and was a little disappointed to eventually learn she wasn’t). Later that day Father Christmas came to visit her. He brought her a little blue teddy bear she’d name Bobby and her dad who was fond of nicknames would call Sir Robert. Bobby would eventually travel the world with Emma and even go to university with her. She’d still have him when she was 31 and living in her own flat.

In later years she’d tell people that it was a fair trade off – she’d gotten the extra Christmas she’d wanted in 1981 and had paid for that by developing CP. CP wasn’t a big deal though and also CHRISTMAS! so it all worked out in the end. Most of the people she told that story to were never sure if she was joking or serious and she didn’t tell them.

And then one day in 2013 she saw posts all over Facebook and Twitter about how it was World Prematurity Day and celebrating that fact. For about two seconds Emma considered writing a post about it. But she decided she’d rather share her story of an extra Christmas. And so she did.

Then she went back to living her happy ever after.

The End

3 thoughts on “Once Upon A Time…”

  1. You don’t mention about how rubbish it is that you only have one celebration/present day when all those not born on that day have two!!! The story is very poignant and made me cry sad tears …You say.no big deal…. eh? Your story provoked me to anger not sure why. Maybe I will share it if I find out. There is so much left out of the story….I am left with Please my God keep all the babies where they belong on Christmas day this year sorry would never want to offend a dear friend

  2. My Nan’s birthday was on Christmas Day as well and she also lost out on having two sets of big presents — it was always the big Christmas present and the token birthday present, or perhaps vice versa.

    1. Actually Matthew I didn’t, and wouldn’t, say that applied to me. I’ve always celebrated my birthday several days or weeks early and certainly as a child never felt I missed out on big presents. As an adult, obviously, things are different.

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