You Know You’ve Got CP When…

…your mum comes round to help you do a few jobs and instead of getting her to help with your quest to declutter like she has the last few times she’s been here you have to ask her to brush your hair. Then you have to append this with the fact that this is the most important job for the day and it doesn’t matter if nothing else gets done while she’s there. And then she takes the brush and looks at your hair and declares that it’s so bad it might actually take all the time she’s got to spend with your to sort it.

Because I can and do brush my own hair and tie it back and put it up and such like.  But when its long like this I find sometimes it really really snarls up and then I can’t manage to completely de-birds nest it.  Since I bought a tangle teezer a couple of years ago that’s been much less of a problem (so much so I now have two regular tangle teezers, and one of their new shower ones).  But I still periodically need someone else to do it.

And, for the record, it was pretty bad and it did take a while.  But she also had time to pick up all the paperwork I’d already picked up and then knocked back onto the floor with a bunch of other stuff that hadn’t originally been on the floor before she came.  And she emptied my bins and wiped out the fridge where I’d upended a tub of margarine all over the inside of it.

But you really know you’ve got CP when all that’s helpful and useful and you’re grateful.  But the thing that’s made the biggest difference is the fact your hair is now brushed, tangle free, and plaited.


One thought on “You Know You’ve Got CP When…”

  1. Oh Emma thank you.. this helped me to think of slowing down…I know if I am to appreciate my granddaughter I MUST learn to go at her pace and appreciate what matters to her…..

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