Random Bullet Points of Life

This is random bullet points of life 14. I thought for sure it’d be something like the 19th one.  Obviously I don’t do this sort of entry as often as I’d like.

I said I’d update this Sunday and I would have done but my internet has been mostly down since Sunday night.  So I’ve been relying on using my phone as a portable wifi hotspot and not online as much as I’d like. It’s frustrating because I’ve some online paperwork to do and I can’t.

I went sailing in the rain tonight. It wasn’t a good idea. Basically everyone who went out before they called it off was then soaking wet going “whose idea was this?!” I was pretty soggy afterwards.  I’m dry now but my chair isn’t!

I’m still not sure if I’ll get to sail in the regatta on Friday or not.  My dad suggested going to see on the off chance because we can have bacon sandwiches and talk to people even if I can’t sail.  Suits me. Plus, sausage chips and beans is the usual regatta lunch and that’s always good. I have informed everyone that should it be like it was today there will not be an Emma on the water but an Emma in the clubhouse reading her book.

After two months I feel like I’m getting used to my new CAB days.  I like working with different people on a Thursday for advising.  But I’m still not a fan on the Monday afternoon social policy session.  I always did that on a quiet day in the bureau and Monday afternoons are not a quiet day.  That said I think everyone who did Wednesdays misses them.

I got hit by an idea for a new novel on Friday night.  I’ve got about four and a half thousand words of it written now but I think I need to take an hour or two and sketch it out before I write more because I’m going to end up with half a million words if I don’t pin it down.  But it has got an awesome first line and a great working title.

My plan was that I wasn’t going to buy books in May.  I’ve not bought any books.  But I’ve had five books to review and someone else has lent me one.  Not having actually bought any has helped with the TBR pile of ridiculousness but staying off of netgalley would probably have been a good second step.



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  1. A lovely post, Emma, thank you! Reading, reviewing, it all takes time, and there is no hurry, actually. Just bought a kindle today, and have downloaded – uploaded? – quite a few new titles, so have enough to read for a while. But there is no hurry.

    About your novel? Just write all your enthusiasm down. You can cull when you are editing, imvho.

    XXX 😀

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