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I’m getting a bit bored of these prompts now but I’m determined to finish them.  It has been very interesting thinking back to books I’ve read long ago and remembering them.  It just might have been better to do a couple a week over a few months then one a day for a month.  Or to just do them as quick tweets as they were intended.  I do think however that getting back into the habit of writing something everyday (even if it is only a blog) has been very useful for me.  And I’ll like having this set to look back on at some point in the future.  Seven prompts left after today and I already know what I’ll say for at least one of them.

Back when I first started at the girls’ school (secondary schools in my town are single sex and rather than their names they tend to be referred to as the girls’ school and the boys’ school) one of the first assignments we had in our English class was to write an autobiography.  The other was to read Why The Whales Came by Michael Morpurgo.  I want to say reading Why The Whales Came was the very first assignment but I’m pretty sure the autobiography assignment was sold as a way of letting our English teacher (who was also my form tutor throughout my time there) get to know us.  So I think it must have come first.

I was sure until I googled it before writing this entry (to check the spelling of the author’s name) that it was actually called When The Whales Came.  It turns out however that the book is called Why The Whales Came but that there’s a film of the book and that’s called When The Whales Came.  That came out in 1992 and I went to secondary school in 1993 so I suppose it is possible that the copies we had at school had been renamed When The Whales Came to tie in with that.  Or I might just been misremembering.

I don’t remember much about it and definitely not what we did with it once we’d read it because there must have been some writing and discussion about it.  I think I liked it.  Reading the synopsis now it sounds like a book I’d enjoy.

The only other stuff I remember reading at school well enough to name (other than stuff in the GCSE anthology) are all plays.  Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet for year nine SATs and MacBeth for GCSE.  And J.B. Priestly’s An Inspector Calls for GCSE.  I loved that play, even more so when we got taken on a trip to London to watch it one evening.

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  1. Wow what a memory you have. I cannot remember one book I was ‘made to read’ apart from ‘O’ level and ‘A’ level books and they were enjoyable except perhaps Macbeth at ‘A’ level. Yes I did not enjoy being made to study Macbeth in that intense detail.I still enjoyed the book but oh the endless in depth rubbish which I was convinced would never have occurred to Shakespeare

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