One of my friends is supporting some of her loved ones through a tough time. I think it’s fair to say (I don’t know the others involved) it’s overwhelming and difficult. And I when I sent her an email to let her know I was thinking of them and hoping things were improving she asked me to write a blog to make her laugh.

This is probably not the blog to make her laugh. It’s something I’d seen and vaguely wondered about posting about. It’s probably not interesting to anyone but me.  I hope however it gives her a distraction for a few minutes if not the laugh she wanted.

When I went to London for the Creative Writing Masterclass I went for the whole weekend. I spent the day before with a friend (not the one referenced above) who moved there a few years ago. And after going to see the Poppies at the Tower of London we went to the Tower Bridge exhibition.

Now, I’ll be completely honest. We basically just went there because it was right by where we were and we’d heard that although they charge to go in both disabled and carers go in free. Can’t turn down a freebie.

I had it in my head from the access information available on Disabled Go that it wasn’t overly accessible which was why it was free.  It was accessible though and although in at least one place I had to use a lift where the route went down steps I don’t think I really missed anything bar the odd view

A couple of weeks ago part of the walkway above the bridge was replaced by a glass floor.  You could, if you didn’t like the idea of walking over it, just about squeeze either side.  But with them having put it right in the middle there was no way but over the glass floor for me. Not great from an inclusion point of view as I should have a choice same as everyone else but it wasn’t a problem once I was told it would be fine for my chair.

So I went over it.  It was, as I said to the staff member at the beginning of the glass bit, a good job I wasn’t worried about that. And going over it was fine. It made for a very interesting view of the bridge and the Thames and was something different.  They had signs suggesting people find out when the next bridge lift was and go up then for an even better experience. Must admit I’ll be happy to give that a miss.

I was glad we went and the engine rooms were the most interesting part. I’m not sure the glass walkway was really necessary for my enjoyment.

And then we fast forward to today.

I’m on facebook and I see off on the right hand side in the trending bit that a beer bottle got dropped on the glass walkway and smashed part of the walkway

Now I know there’s probably some physics type explanation that has to do with force and I’ve only got a vague idea what it is but don’t need to know more.  But I must admit to being a little unsettled that something I took a risk on being strong enough to take 30+ stone of me and my powerchair was later smashed… by a bottle.

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  1. I made it funny by imagining you opening your parachute and floating down to earth….that’s how I’m surviving just now…good story though don’t want to think about the physics my head hurts

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